Aug 27

Review: Dublin Airport Hilton Hotel

The Dublin Airport Hilton Hotel was our last accommodation stop-off on our recent Ireland trip. Having left booking flights for our trip to Ireland to the last minute we were faced with either flying home at an eye-wateringly anti-social time or paying a massive premium for the few remaining seats …

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Aug 07

July Ramblings

Today I had to dress the baby in a cardigan and put her in a sleeping bag for her nap. I was quite pleased about these facts – a brief respite from the heat of July is welcome. Roo, who is lamenting the disappearance of the paddling pool (“it actually is sunny Mummy”), …

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Aug 06

Wildlife Wednesday: Invasion of the Plum Moth

Whilst a big fan of the natural world, as an enthusiastic gardener there are occasions when wildlife comes into conflict with my green fingered efforts.

The gardener in me has been getting very excited this year. For the first time since we planted them, three years ago, our pear and plum …

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Aug 05

17 Walks to Try This Summer

As someone who both enjoys walking and talking about it, it was great to be invited to contribute to a post for Field and Trek bringing together the favourite walks of walking bloggers and hiking advocates across the UK. The result is a list of seventeen fantastic walks across the UK, many of which I …

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Jul 25

You know you’re a tourist in Pembrokeshire when…

A holiday in Pembrokeshire, as I recently found out, is like no other. With its own language, heaps of local produce and speciality dishes (Cawl anybody?) and culture, Pembrokeshire feels a million miles away from any other UK holiday destination.

Here are fifteen things that make you realise that you are a truly a tourist …

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Jul 23

Big Butterfly Count

David Attenborough is a bit of a household hero here so when he appeared on our screens promoting the Big Butterfly Count recently, I of course jumped to! A legitimate excuse to spend 15 minutes lazing in the sunshine in the garden, watching the wild world go by? Oh go …

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Jul 22

Travelling without a passport – what you need to know!

With international travel security measures becoming more stringent every day, I have grown accustomed to taking my passport everywhere with me when I travel. If you were born in the UK and are a UK citizen however, then there are times when travel is possible without a passport – even by plane! For some …

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Jul 16

Wildlife Wednesday: Say No to the Mow

I will always associate the colour of hot pink with Pembrokeshire. Not because of any unfortunate beach attire or heaven forbid, hoards of hen parties sporting suspenders and bunny ears in the same sizzling shade. For me, this glowing, vibrant colour will always be a reminder of early summer in Wales when the …

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Jul 15

And the winner is…

Two weeks and an overwhelming response of over 900 entries later, it is time to announce the lucky winner of a brand new Trunki and Travel Guide! Thank you so much for all your entries – I’ve enjoyed reading all your holiday money saving tips and definitely learnt a few new ones.

If you’ve not had …

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Jul 09

Wildlife Wednesday: 8 Common Hedgerow Plants for Outdoor Fun!

I have been trying to whistle using a blade of grass since I was about 8. OK  - so I haven’t thought about it much in the last ten years or so having long since given it up as a non-starter but I remember very clearly thinking it was a very cool trick …

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