Sep 01

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting


A few weeks ago, I leapt at the chance to volunteer a review of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting by Zion Lights, as part of a project by The Wild Network. If you’ve not heard of Project Wild Thing or The Wild Network and you believe in getting kids away from screens and …

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Aug 25

Our Escape to the Countryside at Busses Farm, Sussex

As the rain hammers on the window as I write, my mind is back in the sunshine of the Yoghurt Rooms campsite two weekends ago. We were there for Escape to the Countryside – a small, back-to-nature family festival held on organic Busses Farm in rural Sussex. Roo spent most …

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Aug 19

Wildlife Wednesday: Blackberry Season!

This last week for us has heralded the start of that most glorious time of year – blackberry picking season! We’ve been out gorging ourselves on Britain’s best and most bountiful wild berry twice this week and have a huge pot of blackberries in our fridge waiting to be turned …

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Aug 13

Test Driving the Tardis: An Outdoorsy Mum’s Perspective on the new Skoda Superb

It’s not every day you are invited to travel on a private jet to a UK car launch. Unless you are a motoring journalist in which case, it transpires,  fancy car events are your bread and butter. Or should that be your caviar and champagne?

Joining the team from Skoda on a plane …

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Aug 12

Wildlife Wednesday: Making a pond-oscope

I’m always looking for new ways to make our garden more wildlife friendly. The latest addition to our garden has been a small pond. It’s still waiting to have the edges tidied up and so on, hence the lack of posts about it to date but it has been keeping us all entertained for the …

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Aug 09

Camping With Young Kids: Our 25 Top Tips So Far…

We are fans of camping in the Baby Routes house. There was a time when my husband and I would head off onto Dartmoor with our tiny two-man tent, cooking gear and provisions balanced on our back for a spot of hiking and wild camping. These days, things have changed a bit. With a three …

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Aug 08

Outdoor Activities: Rainy Day Wigwams

Making tents in the garden is one of Roo’s favourite garden activities. She does have a pop up one which is a lot of fun but somehow making one from sticks, sheets and strings has its own peculiar magic. The trouble is, they aren’t very good in the rain.

Another of Roo’s favourie activities is …

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Aug 06

Summer Holiday Skiing: Keeping Cool at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

The temperatures outside may be in the high-teens and twenties but there’s definitely a wintery feel in the Baby Routes house right now. A few weeks back our first Christmas present of the year arrived. It came via a rare car journey from Switzerland so I’m guessing it is something …

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Aug 05

Wildlife Wednesday: Isles of Scilly Flower Scavenger Hunt


If you are planning on a visit to the Isles of Scilly then there are a two bits of kit you will definitely need to pack: comfortable shoes for walking in and a rain/windproof layer! There is no getting away from it – the Isles of Scilly are best enjoyed outdoors and no matter …

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Jul 29

Wildlife Wednesday: Hedgehog Rescue

Huddled up in a jumper watching the wind whip up the garden it is hard to remember that around a month ago we were in the middle of a sweltering heatwave. I distinctly remember the hottest day. I filled up the bird bath and water stations first thing then retreated inside to shut windows, curtains …

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