Jun 29

10 Reasons why I’m not ready to leave the Isles of Scilly.

Those who follow Baby Routes on Instagram and other social media will have gathered by now we are in the Isles of Scilly. Tonight though is our last night in the Scilly Isles. As I type the suitcases are lying sprawled across the bed and we are wondering how much weight …

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Jun 24

It’s Festival Season: Escape to the Countryside 2015!


In case you hadn’t noticed, festival season just kicked off. As I type thousands of people are stuffing their wellies and flimsiest tents in a bag and leaping excitedly on trains bound for the West Country for the ultimate music festival of them all. Summer has truly begun.

As a teenager I vividly …

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Jun 20

6 Great Apps for Travelling in London



This weekend I’ve been up in London for Britmums Live – a massive gathering of parent bloggers to exchange tips, gain inspiration and of course socialise, I don’t come into London all that often any more but when I do, I find myself reaching for my iPhone, in search of those same few …

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Jun 17

Wildlife Wednesday: Nature Naps & A Moment of Calm

Last Friday, before the day had even truly begun, the girls decided to redefine the ‘wild’ in 30 Days Wild challenge we are currently taking part in. Having spent much of the morning squabbling when not involved in some very noisy indoor game, it was time to calm things down a bit. Beth was packed …

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Jun 16

30 Days Wild – Days 11: In amongst the Nettles

So I’ve failed completely on the daily blogging side of the #30DaysWild challenge but fortunately not been broken yet on the challenge itself. The last five days have been busy ones but fortunately not without their wild moments. Inspired by all the nettle action going on on BBC Springwatch, I decided to take Roo …

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Jun 14

I’m going to BritMums Live!

After missing two years on the trot, I will finally be winging my way to BritMums Live. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and hoping that at last I might get to finally put a face to some of those inspirational ladies and gents of the bloggersphere that I connect with so often online. …

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Jun 11

30 Days Wild Challenge – Day 10: Nature Colours Scavenger Hunt

Roo and Beth were at nursery all day yesterday. That meant a work day for me and little time to get out exploring. Fortunately, nature came to me. All day long I was entertained from my study desk by the great tit chicks on the bird table. One in particular was very cheeky. It has …

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Jun 10

Wildlife Wednesday: 15 Great Apps for Nature Loving Families

Since becoming a parent I have definitely noticed I am paying more attention to nature. Having someone to share it all with, to watch as their eyes light up at some tiny thing I have been taking for granted is like rediscovering the natural world all over again. The there …

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Jun 09

30 Days Wild- Day 8: Making maps

Yesterday Roo announced she wanted to make a map. She’s been doing this a lot lately – drawing random squiggles on a piece of paper and then heading off on some imaginary journey around the house following her maps with a tour group of teddies in tow. Perhaps she had been making maps at nursery …

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Jun 09

Open Farm Sunday at White Pond Farm, Stonor

I’ve been advertising Open Farm Sunday in the Baby Routes calendar for a few years now. It’s such a great idea and a perfect day out for families, providing a fun insight into the life and work of the people who put food on our tables and are also a chief custodian of British …

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