Nov 01

A House for Hoggy!

As you may have picked up by now, we have been pretty excited here about the fact we have a resident hedgehog in our garden. I’ve always had a soft spot for hedgehogs, probably ever since reading Mrs. Tiggywinkle as a child.

Sadly, I can count on one hand the number …

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Oct 29

Give-away: Win a Mini-Micro 3-in-1 Ride-On Scooter from Skate Hut!

The leaves are falling with wild abandon now as autumn makes its final approach into winter. Amazingly, the days are still mild and the weather is perfect for getting out and enjoying the change of seasons with the kids. We have been out and about enjoying all the changing colours. Here are a …

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Oct 28

Discovering Eco-Luxe at Asheston Eco Barns, Pembrokeshire

Eight and a half years ago, Karen Loo and her family escaped the pseudo-rural countryside of Oxfordshire for the coastal tranquillity of Northern Pembrokeshire.  Motivated by the imminent arrival of her eldest child, Karen ditched the traffic jams, commute and conventional comfort of life in the South East. Instead she chose …

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Oct 25

A walking kind of week.

Ok – I know what you’re thinking. This is Baby Routes – isn’t every week a walking kind of week? Well yes, most of them are but last week was particularly outdoorsy as we headed off on a road trip of northern England and southern Scotland.

The main reason for our …

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Oct 24

London Pass Review: A London Birthday for Roo!

Recently, we have been bribing encouraging Roo to improve her table manners by referring to that pinnacle of etiquette, HRH Queen Elizabeth II. We have assured Roo that Her Majesty absolutely never talks with her mouth full and wouldn’t dream of not finishing her dinner. Roo as a result has developed a fixation …

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Oct 08

Searching for Seals: One Great Reason to Visit Pembrokeshire in Autumn

Fantastic opportunities to watch some of Britain’s most exciting wildlife is one of Pembrokeshire’s big draws. Having been enchanted by the Puffins of Skomer Island during our trip back to Pembrokshire in June, we were eager to see more of the local inhabitants during our autumnal return visit.

Oct 07

A Weekend in Wales: returning to Pembrokeshire

We have just come back from a mini-break. No – not Paris or Rome, thank you. We have come back feeling far more refreshed and full of the joys of life than any of Europe’s city-chic destinations. Instead we spent the first weekend in October back in amongst the stunning coastal scenery of …

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Sep 30

September Ramblings

What a gorgeous month this September has been! I sent Roo to nursery this morning in a jumper but the middle of the day comes and I’m writing with the back door and study windows wide open in a sleeveless top! You really can’t complain when autumn starts like this.

With a bumper crop of …

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Sep 30

8 Top Tips for Visiting Dublin on a Budget!


Dublin is not a cheap destination. I don’t know why this surprised me on our recent Ireland trip but it did. Don’t despair though. As we found, there are still ways of keeping your costs down when visiting Dublin, even if like us, you end up travelling during one the most expensive …

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Sep 27

Outdoor Kids Ideas: Painting nature!

This time of year is so very beautiful and nature is displaying a whole array of different and interesting natural textures, materials, shapes and colours. It’s a perfect time to get out exploring and to bring some natural inspiration into craft and art activities.

When Roo asked me …

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