Dec 17

Why I won’t be giving a stick to my outdoorsy daughters this Christmas.

There is a lot of chat again this time of year about not spoiling children by over-indulging them in presents at Christmas. This particularly applies to the giving of too much plastic-fantastic or battery-flashing smart-tech stuff. The proffered alternative seems to be extreme minimalism with many echoing the Guardian’s idea from last year …

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Dec 16

Home-made Christmas cards for young children

Spoiler alert for Grandparents and other friends and family lucky enough to receive a card from Roo!

The annual making of the Christmas cards has been a tradition for me ever since I can remember. For a while I gave it up – whilst I like to think I am a …

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Dec 10

Choosing a winter coat for outdoor kids

Roo has grown. Again. I know it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my 3 year old daughter is shooting up taller every day but it’s the way in which she will seem to extend by centimetres overnight that throws me.

Until now we have been just about …

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Dec 03

Cooking with Worms: how to make birds’ pudding!

After the Christmassy fun last week of stir-up Sunday, we decided to make use of those extra currants, dried fruit and suet with a stir-up Monday to create a feast for our feathered friends. It’s not often kids get a legitimate reason to cook with worms  and Roo was curiously …

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Dec 02

Isle of Wight Winter Adventure

Ferry trips and island voyages  – these are the things memories of those seemingly endless summer holidays of childhood are made of. Don’t tell everyone but it turns out some of that summer magic is to be conjured up in the autumn and winter months too, if you know where …

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Nov 23

Making Tracks in the Peak District

Walking with children is one of those balancing acts. As an outdoor parent, you desperately want them to love exploring the countryside as much as you but as any parent knows, children can smell desperation ten miles away and usually react by doing the exact opposite of what you hope! …

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Nov 18

And the winner is…

Thank you so much for all your entries into the recent competition to win a mini micro 3-in-1 ride on scooter from Skate Hut. I have been overwhelmed by the number of entries and all your fantastic outdoor autumn ideas and activities. It’s great to know that so many families are enjoying the outdoors this …

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Nov 18

Geocaching : the start of a new adventure.

Geocaching is one of those things I’ve often heard mentioned but never tried. From the little I knew, geocaching sounded a fun activity – a kind of treasure hunt across our outdoor spaces. Busy with planning our walks and travels, I never got around to finding out more.

A couple of …

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Nov 12

Accommodation Review: Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

When our friends invited us up to Scotland in October to help celebrate their wedding, our immediate thoughts turned to how we were going to get there. Flying seemed a good option until we worked out the eye-watering price of three and a bit fares, car hire and transfers. Instead, …

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Nov 11

A Moment of Silence.

I had planned to go up to London with the girls to see the Remembrance Day poppies at the Tower of London this Monday gone. I was undone by what I can only assume was a bad reaction to my flu jab last week. Shivery and achey, the thought of …

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