Jan 28

Walking the National Trails in Family Friendly Sections

There’s nothing like a long distance walking challenge for seeing the best of the UK countryside and giving you a goal to motivate you into your walking boots. The UK has some fantastic National Trail as well as hundreds of slightly shorter trails criss-crossing the land, all of which you can find the official details …

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Jan 24

Introducing #walkit365

This week, whilst out on the regular potter with Roo and Baby Beth, I have also been doing some plotting. I’m not a great one for New Year’s resolutions of the traditional kind but I am quite fond of a challenge. This year I fancied something to help motivate me …

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Jan 23

Florida for Active Families: 10 things to do in Florida other than Disney!


Florida is the archetypal place for a family holiday. With its sandy beaches, theme parks and endless sunshine, not to mention Disneyland and the Kennedy Space Centre, it is not difficult to see why so many families flock there every year.

Now I’m a big fan of sunshine, particularly …

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Jan 21

Wildlife Wednesday: Building a bird hide

With the Big Garden Bird Watch 2015 nearly upon us (not signed up yet? Check out this post…) and with Roo eager to give her brand new red Christmas binoculars a thorough test run, it has been all about the birds in this house recently. Last weekend we took it one step further and …

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Jan 13

Challenge yourself: UK walking challenges and charity walks.

Walking is a fantastic past-time  – a great, non-competitive form of outdoor exercise that allows contemplation, exploration and adventure. Every now and then though it’s nice to add in a bit of spice and setting yourself a challenge. One way of doing that is to join an organised event as an individual or team and …

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Jan 09

Windy Day Crafts: Making a windsock

With two huge weather systems moving into the UK this weekend, the Daily Mail is unsurprisingly getting very excited about wind, snow and a meteorological end of the world, metaphorically speaking. Or perhaps not. It is the Daily Mail after all. For us though that means the chance to make the most of the …

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Jan 07

Wildlife Wednesday: RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2015

It’s chilly outside and the bird feeders are busier than ever. That must mean one thing – it’s time for the Big Garden Bird Watch again!

Every year the RSPB coordinates a community effort to survey which feathered visitors are visiting our gardens and to track trends in growth or …

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Jan 06

Happy New Year 2015!

A very Happy New Year to you!

I’m sorry for the silence over Christmas. Well, I say I’m sorry but actually I think it’s really important to take a proper break every now and then, particularly when working within the realm of the online and social media. Unlike a 9-5 it is a job, blogging, …

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Dec 22

A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Christmas is nearly upon us and before we know it, January 2015 will come knocking on the door of the last day of December. Once Christmas Day and my birthday are over (I am lucky to have an excuse to continue the festive celebrations) those long days of comfortable reflection will be here once again …

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Dec 17

Why I won’t be giving a stick to my outdoorsy daughters this Christmas.

There is a lot of chat again this time of year about not spoiling children by over-indulging them in presents at Christmas. This particularly applies to the giving of too much plastic-fantastic or battery-flashing smart-tech stuff. The proffered alternative seems to be extreme minimalism with many echoing the Guardian’s idea from last year …

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