Nov 24

8 Fun Things to Do with Young Children in Santa Monica, CA

We spent the first week of our California trip in Santa Monica, LA’s famous beach-side city. As places to stay in LA. go Santa Monica is pretty family friendly and has a lot going on. It was a perfect place to take life easy and adjust to the US and …

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Nov 23

Kit Review: Vango Nitestar Junior Sleeping Bag

Camping in the UK is brilliant but entirely unpredictable.Even in the dizzy heights of a summer heat wave the night time temperatures can drop to toe-curlingly chilly when there is a clear sky. For family campers with young children this poses a particular problem as well we know! Nothing ruins …

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Nov 21

Hiking in Tamescal Gateway Park, Santa Monica

I am writing this post at 0510 in the morning. Whilst the girls’ jet lag has finally worn off, mine seems to have turned into chronic insomnia. At least I can put it to good use by finally making a start at documenting our month long trip out to California.

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Nov 18

Wildlife Wednesday: Home Again to the Hedgehogs

Did you know that there are no native wild hedgehogs in America? I didn’t either until reading somewhere about how publishers rarely accept children’s books that include hedgehogs as characters because American children wouldn’t recognise or relate to them, minimising the publisher’s commercial reach. Can you imagine growing up without knowing what a …

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Oct 27

Santa Monica by Bus (no, you don’t always need a car in LA)!

As we headed out for the afternoon in Santa Monica last week we passed the friendly lady in our local corner store. We exchanged a few pleasantries and she asked us where we were going.

”The Natural History Museum in Downtown LA.’ I told her.

‘By bus?’ she asked incredulously, taking in my bulging rucksack-come-child-carrier, …

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Oct 27

Design a Welly Competion with Joules

Here in the Baby Routes household we are big fans of Joules clothing and their country twist on things. Our favourite local store is placed temptingly close to our walking route every time we go to town and I have come home a few times recently with unscheduled purchases for the girls …

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Oct 21

Magic & Mystery: Exploring Wolf’s Castle & Inland N. Pembrokeshire

It was full moon during our stay at Wolfscastle Hotel in Pembrokeshire. As the girls slumbered peacefully, I found myself drawn to the view from our hotel window. High up on the hillside, silhouetted in the pale, yellow wash of moonlight, I fully expected to see werewolves or faeries fleet over the …

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Oct 09

Flying Long-Haul with Babies and Young Children with Virgin Atlantic, Part 1: Flight booking tips

We are counting down the days until we head to California. As it gets closer the reality of flying long-haul solo with an in-lap infant and a soon-to-be 4 year old is dawning on me. Whilst I try and wriggle my flight-averse legs under a hopefully slumbering toddler, my husband will be lording …

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Oct 07

Wildlife Wednesday: Why Hedgehogs Need your Help this Autumn!

The Baby Routes house has gone a bit bonkers over hedgehogs this year. These curious little creatures are a British countryside favourite and yet when was the last time you saw one? Increasing amounts of roads to cross, reduced vegetation, more fences and boundaries and the use of pesticides and slug pellets have all made …

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Oct 06

The Family Travel Show: Win tickets to Olympia, London

Travel is one of my great loves. Discovering beautiful and fascinating new places, learning about a new culture and discovering a million little granules of knowledge that you’d never have acquired at home – these are just a few of the reasons why I love exploring the world. Travelling with kids makes that experience even …

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