Sep 17

SLPY review: keeping camping cool (& campers warm).


I hate being cold. Anyone who knows me well will testify to this. My husband is so aware of this fact that he has even used my low-temperature aversion to inspire entire birthday and Christmas presents. Heat pads, hotties, slippers, thermals, a jumper for my hot choc mug – you name it, he’s …

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Sep 15

5 Fun Back-to-School Days-Out by Train this September.


School may be back but summer isn’t quite finished yet. With plenty of warm days and sunshine still about, September is a great time to capitalise on both the good weather and your kids’ start of term enthusiasm by taking some extra-curricula outdoor explorations.

Whilst most people are back in work mode or counting …

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Sep 14

Hedgerow Harvest: Super-quick blackberry upside-down pudding.

Earlier today we went on yet another blackberry foraging walk. This time, we tried a new route and struck blackberry gold. We come home laden with three big pots full of blackberries as big as the end of your thumb. I’m not exaggerating!

It was only after dinner …

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Sep 09

Accommodation Review: Holiday Cottage in Castlemaine, Kerry, Ireland

When you have left it until the last minute, finding good accommodation in Kerry, Ireland in late August is no small feat. Choosing the week before schools in Ireland go back, needing Friday to Friday availability and holidaying on a budget makes it nigh on impossible. Luckily …

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Sep 06

Zero Waste Week: switching to reusable nappies.

Did you know that this week is Zero Waste Week? It’s a chance to focus our attention on reducing the waste burden on landfill. We are all for being green in our household but I freely admit that we are not particularly good about going out of our way in the name …

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Sep 02

Are holidays good for baby development?

We got back from a fantastic week away in Ireland just a week or so ago, bringing back with us our newly super-talkative two year-old and our youngest daughter for whom the week away had also brought big changes.

Whilst we were looking forward to lazy mornings and leisurely days exploring …

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Aug 27

Review: Dublin Airport Hilton Hotel

The Dublin Airport Hilton Hotel was our last accommodation stop-off on our recent Ireland trip. Having left booking flights for our trip to Ireland to the last minute we were faced with either flying home at an eye-wateringly anti-social time or paying a massive premium for the few remaining seats …

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Aug 07

July Ramblings

Today I had to dress the baby in a cardigan and put her in a sleeping bag for her nap. I was quite pleased about these facts – a brief respite from the heat of July is welcome. Roo, who is lamenting the disappearance of the paddling pool (“it actually is sunny Mummy”), …

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Aug 06

Wildlife Wednesday: Invasion of the Plum Moth

Whilst a big fan of the natural world, as an enthusiastic gardener there are occasions when wildlife comes into conflict with my green fingered efforts.

The gardener in me has been getting very excited this year. For the first time since we planted them, three years ago, our pear and plum …

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Aug 05

17 Walks to Try This Summer

As someone who both enjoys walking and talking about it, it was great to be invited to contribute to a post for Field and Trek bringing together the favourite walks of walking bloggers and hiking advocates across the UK. The result is a list of seventeen fantastic walks across the UK, many of which I …

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