Jul 29

Wildlife Wednesday: Hedgehog Rescue

Huddled up in a jumper watching the wind whip up the garden it is hard to remember that around a month ago we were in the middle of a sweltering heatwave. I distinctly remember the hottest day. I filled up the bird bath and water stations first thing then retreated inside to shut windows, curtains …

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Jul 22

Wildlife Wednesday: Running Wild on Scilly.

On our first afternoon on the Isles of Scilly we found ourselves on Porth Cressa beach watching a blackbird rummaging through seaweed. A blackbird? On a beach? Within touching distance of two very wriggly children? Where we come from the blackbirds eat worms and shout at us in loud indignation should we dare to …

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Jul 21

Outdoor Activities: Rain Painting

When life gives you rain, it’s best just to get out and dance in it. Preferably in your wellies and with Peppa Pig umbrella firmly up. If you are 3 and living in the Baby Routes household that is. When that recent sweltering heatwave finally broke and we were finally …

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Jul 18

Summer Holidays Mini-Beast Challenge!

The girls have always enjoyed mini-beast hunts in our garden but recently we seem to be finding more curious little creatures than ever whenever we potter outdoors. I’m not sure if this is just the time of year, because we are spending so much time outdoors or because of our newly heightened focus on the …

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Jul 14

Departing for Scilly: Voyaging by Sea on the Scillonian III

In our household the moment of departure for a trip is always the start of the holiday. Up until that point we are in chaos- washing last minute clothes, watering plants, catching children, unpacking and repacking for the third time…Then, after the ring of an uncharitably early alarm clock, it is time for …

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Jul 13

How to make an outdoor shoe storage box.



When you have a walking one year old in your house a lot of things go missing. With Beth that means two things in particular – the telephone and shoes. The telephone is usually eventually tracked down by its plaintive beeping from the deepest corner of the sofa or from beneath a …

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Jul 11

Green Gardening with Ladybirds

It is no secrete that I’m fond of a good garden. I’m not the most green fingered person but I do enjoy gardening. There is something incredibly soothing about the gentle pace of time in the garden, the slow, steady rhythm with which the garden year ticks by. When we moved into our house …

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Jul 08

Wildlife Wednesday: 8 Things I’ve Learnt from 30 Days Wild

So 30 Days Wild has been and gone and our household is a lot wilder for it (if you’ve not followed my previous posts then you can read more about 30 Days Wild here). It has been a fantastic experience although it has also taught me some important things:


1) We were not quite …

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Jun 29

10 Reasons why I’m not ready to leave the Isles of Scilly.

Those who follow Baby Routes on Instagram and other social media will have gathered by now we are in the Isles of Scilly. Tonight though is our last night in the Scilly Isles. As I type the suitcases are lying sprawled across the bed and we are wondering how much weight …

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Jun 24

It’s Festival Season: Escape to the Countryside 2015!


In case you hadn’t noticed, festival season just kicked off. As I type thousands of people are stuffing their wellies and flimsiest tents in a bag and leaping excitedly on trains bound for the West Country for the ultimate music festival of them all. Summer has truly begun.

As a teenager I vividly …

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