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Jun 07

11 Tips for Hiking when Pregnant!

There’s no point trying to conceal it any longer. After all, despite my best efforts, ‘it’ is failing miserably to remain inconspicuous beneath my increasingly strained and unforgiving summer tops…

I am thrilled to announce that, as of the end of this summer, we are expecting another mini-explorer …

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Feb 23

How to Make Hiking a Habit with Young Children

Read a childhood classic such as ‘Swallows and Amazons’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking that children naturally spend their time running carefree through miles of glorious countryside in pursuit of adventure.

This┬áromantic ideal of childhood has grown evermore distant as society has moved on. These days over 80% of the …

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Mar 24

Active Parents, Active Kids

As I sat behind my computer this morning, munching on a heavily iced biscuit and not quite working up sufficient motivation to start work yet, I came across a BBC online news article – ‘Active mums “have active children“‘. It turns out unsurprisingly yet again that getting out and active is a …

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Jun 26

Top tips for your family camping trips!

Here at Baby Routes we have just bought our first family tent and are raring to get out on our first family camping adventure! Given that until now all our expeditions under canvas have involved a 2-man tent that can fit in a backpack and no children we are in need of …

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Jun 10

Ten top tips for buying a family tent.

Weekend before last, as well as tackling two National Trails, we also saw the exciting addition to our family of a brand new tent. Until now, my trusty 2-man Vango has accompanied me on every camping adventure, whether in South America or Dartmoor and our relationship goes back longer than that with my …

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May 23

Essential UK Travel & Transport Toolkit

Whilst putting together the directions information for some new walks recently, it occurred to me how utterly bamboozling the British transport system can be at times.

So many of us are experts at public transport on our own patch but further afield can require cunning and research to …

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Jan 14

Ten top tips for travelling in London with a pushchair.

Crossing London with a pushchair is many parents’ idea of a nightmare. Having previously worked at a busy mainline London station and seen many a frazzled parent emerging from tube, train and bus, I knew first hand even before my daughter arrived just what a challenge crossing London with a baby can be.

Travelling across …

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Jan 09

Ten top tips for winter walks with babies and young children.

A winter walk always presents additional challenges – it is darker, colder and tends to stay wet underfoot for longer than the summer months and walking with a baby or toddler adds in a whole new set of considerations.

Last year my daughter was so tiny I rarely took her out for a winter walk …

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Jun 28

Ten top tips for long car journeys with babies & young children

We recently took our 7 month year old on her first trip to Scotland. Trains and planes were ridiculously expensive so having recently purchased a very sensible estate car that we reckoned would just about squeeze all her baby gubbins in, we decided to drive. From the south of England. For eight hours.

The summer …

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Mar 26

Map reading and countryside access

Map reading – a dying art? So several articles I found recently on the web would have it. The advent of SatNav systems and beloved SIRI on our iPhones means we no longer rely on map reading and the art of paper and symbols to understand how to get from A to B and are …

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