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Jun 07

11 Tips for Hiking when Pregnant!

There’s no point trying to conceal it any longer. After all, despite my best efforts, ‘it’ is failing miserably to remain inconspicuous beneath my increasingly strained and unforgiving summer tops…

I am thrilled to announce that, as of the end of this summer, we are expecting another mini-explorer …

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Mar 24

Active Parents, Active Kids

As I sat behind my computer this morning, munching on a heavily iced biscuit and not quite working up sufficient motivation to start work yet, I came across a BBC online news article – ‘Active mums “have active children“‘. It turns out unsurprisingly yet again that getting out and active is a …

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Mar 16

Hiking to health: the physical and mental health benefits of walking

Walking, hiking, rambling or roaming: whatever you call it – it’s free, it’s enjoyable, walks take you through some of the most scenic countryside on offer and it is good for your physical and mental health and well-being. Walking has long been recognised as a gentle yet extremely effective means of exercise, accessible to all …

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