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Nov 18

Nature Crafts: How to Make Leaf Print Cards


Being an autumn baby, Roo has recently celebrated her fifth birthday. Now she is learning to write, the ensuing ‘thank you’ cards are becoming more Roo’s responsibility than ours. Luckily at this stage the writing bit it still a novelty not a chore! 

Despite Roo’s new enthusiasm for writing, …

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Dec 01

Nature Crafts: How to Make a Sea Shell Photo Frame

Oh those wonderful summer days of kicking back on the beach with the kids running wild across a gorgeous expanse of sand! They seem a long time ago now, although the ridiculously large collection of shells we have in the craft cupboard that Roo so carefully collected on each trip …

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Sep 07

Bringing Nature Indoors with Oriel Hicks at the Phoenix Craft Studios, Scilly

Close your eyes and imagine an artist’s palette of Agapanthus Blue, Tresco Aquamarine, Dappled Seal Grey, St. Martin’s Sand Gold or Hotentot Pink. Perhaps throw in some Storm Black, Sea-Mist Silver and Heather Green. If you’ve been to the Isles of Scilly then this is no doubt how those glorious …

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Aug 08

Outdoor Activities: Rainy Day Wigwams

Making tents in the garden is one of Roo’s favourite garden activities. She does have a pop up one which is a lot of fun but somehow making one from sticks, sheets and strings has its own peculiar magic. The trouble is, they aren’t very good in the rain.

Another of Roo’s favourie activities is …

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Jul 21

Outdoor Activities: Rain Painting

When life gives you rain, it’s best just to get out and dance in it. Preferably in your wellies and with Peppa Pig umbrella firmly up. If you are 3 and living in the Baby Routes household that is. When that recent sweltering heatwave finally broke and we were finally …

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Jul 13

How to make an outdoor shoe storage box.



When you have a walking one year old in your house a lot of things go missing. With Beth that means two things in particular – the telephone and shoes. The telephone is usually eventually tracked down by its plaintive beeping from the deepest corner of the sofa or from beneath a …

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Dec 16

Home-made Christmas cards for young children

Spoiler alert for Grandparents and other friends and family lucky enough to receive a card from Roo!

The annual making of the Christmas cards has been a tradition for me ever since I can remember. For a while I gave it up – whilst I like to think I am a …

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Dec 03

Cooking with Worms: how to make birds’ pudding!

After the Christmassy fun last week of stir-up Sunday, we decided to make use of those extra currants, dried fruit and suet with a stir-up Monday to create a feast for our feathered friends. It’s not often kids get a legitimate reason to cook with worms ¬†and Roo was curiously …

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Sep 14

Hedgerow Harvest: Super-quick blackberry upside-down pudding.

Earlier today we went on yet another blackberry foraging walk. This time, we tried a new route and struck blackberry gold. We come home laden with three big pots full of blackberries as big as the end of your thumb. I’m not exaggerating!

It was only after dinner …

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Jun 07

Hedgerow Harvest: How to make elderflower cordial

It’s the start of summer and right now the hedgerows are bursting forth with a cloud of aromatic white stars. Yes – it’s elderflower season again! We have an elder which has crept up in our back garden and our local lanes have a few too so I thought that …

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