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Mar 29

Channel Island Paradise: Jersey ‘s perfect beach retreat for active families

I caught myself in daydream this morning: a child was running with gleeful abandon across a vast expanse of fine golden sand. A blue sky arched over wind-whipped waves, who flashed their white smiles at the sun before collapsing into the warm embrace of the beach. As I turned, fresh breeze catching …

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Oct 09

Wildlife Wednesday: Mingling with monkeys at Durrell Wildlife Park, Jersey

When talking about our upcoming trip to Jersey, a colleague of my husband’s told him that we must go to Jersey Zoo. ¬†Eager to visit some of the island’s main tourist attractions yet keen to remain out in the fresh air of a sunny September Saturday afternoon, we headed towards Trinity in Jersey’s north-east to …

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Oct 08

Accommodation Review: The West View Hotel, Jersey

When we recently packed our bags, hopped on a ferry boat and headed for the not-so-distant shores of Jersey, our long weekend took us first to the rural north of this lovely island.

The West View Hotel in the parish of St. Mary made a super family-friendly base in the heart …

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