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Jul 15

Kit Review: The Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

For us, a week’s family holiday in the wilds of Northumberland was always going to involve lots of outdoor time. Four year old Roo is a fantastic little walker. Beth though, at just two, still struggles to keep up on longer outings. ‘Longer’ ¬†meaning anything over 40 minutes…or anything over …

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Jan 19

Kit Review: LittleLife Ultralight S3 Child Carrier

The LittleLife Ultralight S3 Child Carrier has to be one of the pieces of kit I’m most excited to share with you on Baby Routes. We’ve used LittleLife products in the Baby Routes household for several years now and been impressed. Their kit has always seemed great quality and their brand mission to …

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Nov 29

Mobile Phone Review: Roaming Abroad with Three & a Sony Xperia Z3

If there’s once piece of kit that I rarely leave the house without, it is my smart phone. Whether for navigating somewhere, tracking a new hiking trail for the blog, identifying a new bird sound or checking the train times, my smart phone is a vital part of my arsenal …

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Nov 23

Kit Review: Vango Nitestar Junior Sleeping Bag

Camping in the UK is brilliant but entirely unpredictable.Even in the dizzy heights of a summer heat wave the night time temperatures can drop to toe-curlingly chilly when there is a clear sky. For family campers with young children this poses a particular problem as well we know! Nothing ruins …

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Mar 31

Lonely Planet Kids Books Review


Whilst my own collection of dog-eared travel guides lounge on my bookshelves, guarding the treasured memories¬†of many a memorable adventure, it had never really occurred to me that there might be a similar source of inspiration and travel dreams for children to pour over too. Sure – Roo has an atlas aimed at older …

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Dec 10

Choosing a winter coat for outdoor kids

Sprayway jacket

Roo has grown. Again. I know it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my 3 year old daughter is shooting up taller every day but it’s the way in which she will seem to extend by centimetres overnight that throws me.

Until now we have been just about …

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Nov 23

Making Tracks in the Peak District

Walking with children is one of those balancing acts. As an outdoor parent, you desperately want them to love exploring the countryside as much as you but as any parent knows, children can smell desperation ten miles away and usually react by doing the exact opposite of what you hope! …

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Sep 17

SLPY review: keeping camping cool (& campers warm).


I hate being cold. Anyone who knows me well will testify to this. My husband is so aware of this fact that he has even used my low-temperature aversion to inspire entire birthday and Christmas presents. Heat pads, hotties, slippers, thermals, a jumper for my hot choc mug – you name it, he’s …

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Feb 26

LittleLife Toddler Animal Daysack

With an active toddler full of get-up-and-go, our walking style has altered to adapt to our small charge. Full of a sense of adventure and independence, Roo insists on walking more and more of our walks together which is great but also means being well prepared for when her feet outrun her energy …

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Nov 22

BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Earlier in summer ’13 (I know – it seems a long time ago now) we added a new member to our outdoor family in the form of a lovely new BOB Sport Utility Stroller. With the whole sunny summer and start of a slightly damp autumn to test out our new addition we …

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