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Nov 02

October Ramblings

Autumn is in full swing now and even our oak tree has begun to succumb to the shorter days and cooler weather. The ground beneath it is a mottled brown and green of fallen leaves and lanky grass.

The oak tree isn’t the only bit of the garden gearing up for …

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Sep 30

September Ramblings

What a gorgeous month this September has been! I sent Roo to nursery this morning in a jumper but the middle of the day comes and I’m writing with the back door and study windows wide open in a sleeveless top! You really can’t complain when autumn starts like this.

With a bumper crop of …

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Aug 07

July Ramblings

Today I had to dress the baby in a cardigan and put her in a sleeping bag for her nap. I was quite pleased about these facts – a brief respite from the heat of July is welcome. Roo, who is lamenting the disappearance of the paddling pool (“it actually is sunny Mummy”), …

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Jul 03

June Ramblings

Wimbledon and the World Cup are both well under way and June and the longest day have been and gone in a flash of sunny days and strawberries. With a last minute holiday to Pembrokeshire to plan (more on this later) it’s been a bit of a quiet month on the home walking …

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May 28

May Ramblings

I’ve always loved May – longer days, cacophonous bird song and a burst of growth everywhere. Did you know that the reason the birds sing so loudly at this time of year is as a kind of audible territory marking as they guard their nests? With a baby in the …

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Apr 25

April Ramblings

Den building & cream tea at Nuffield Place

Baby has just turned ten weeks. I had forgotten just how difficult it is to get anything done that involves sitting still and concentrating with a newborn, so instead of writing a lot of posts, I have instead had plenty of time to think about Baby Routes instead.

The results of …

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