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Mar 01

Photo Friday: Tri Baby

Daddy's girl - inspired to do a half-ironman at a very early age!

Not only is it Friday but it’s also new 220 Triathlon magazine Friday – meaning Daddy and Roo are both very excited! Quite how a 16 month old can be this enthusiastic about all things triathlons already is beyond me – yes, as her dad points out, she can now swim (held up), bike (in …

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Feb 22

Photo Friday – the multi-tasking man!

As mums we often think of ourselves as the ultimate multi-tasking machine and it is always being drummed into us that women are better at multitasking than men. It’s in our genes you know… Still, I often wonder if that’s so true for me or if perhaps I’m just wearing the wrong jeans! There’s many …

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