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Tips for Dressing a Baby for Winter Walks

Jun 07

11 Tips for Hiking when Pregnant!

There’s no point trying to conceal it any longer. After all, despite my best efforts, ‘it’ is failing miserably to remain inconspicuous beneath my increasingly strained and unforgiving summer tops…

I am thrilled to announce that, as of the end of this summer, we are expecting another mini-explorer …

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Feb 23

How to Make Hiking a Habit with Young Children

Read a childhood classic such as ‘Swallows and Amazons’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking that children naturally spend their time running carefree through miles of glorious countryside in pursuit of adventure.

This romantic ideal of childhood has grown evermore distant as society has moved on. These days over 80% of the …

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Aug 13

Test Driving the Tardis: An Outdoorsy Mum’s Perspective on the new Skoda Superb

It’s not every day you are invited to travel on a private jet to a UK car launch. Unless you are a motoring journalist in which case, it transpires,  fancy car events are your bread and butter. Or should that be your caviar and champagne?

Joining the team from Skoda on a plane …

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Aug 09

Camping With Young Kids: Our 25 Top Tips So Far…

We are fans of camping in the Baby Routes house. There was a time when my husband and I would head off onto Dartmoor with our tiny two-man tent, cooking gear and provisions balanced on our back for a spot of hiking and wild camping. These days, things have changed a bit. With a three …

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Jun 20

6 Great Apps for Travelling in London


This weekend I’ve been up in London for Britmums Live – a massive gathering of parent bloggers to exchange tips, gain inspiration and of course socialise, I don’t come into London all that often any more but when I do, I find myself reaching for my iPhone, in search of those same few …

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Jun 10

Wildlife Wednesday: 15 Great Apps for Nature Loving Families

Since becoming a parent I have definitely noticed I am paying more attention to nature. Having someone to share it all with, to watch as their eyes light up at some tiny thing I have been taking for granted is like rediscovering the natural world all over again. The there …

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May 26

Baby’s First Splash: the whens & wheres of teaching kids to swim

This post is sponsored by Sunuva, the luxury children’s UV swim and beachwear brand. All writing, opinions, research and snake stories remain entirely my work. 

One of my most vivid childhood memories is from the summer I learnt to swim. Aged around six or seven I was on a …

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Apr 07

Fourteen alternative activities for non-skiers on a ski holiday.

It’s the Easter holidays and half my Facebook feed seems to be full of friends posing on skis at the top of scenic, sunny mountains. You’re probably wondering what the point of this post is. After all, if you’re going on a ski holiday, surely that means you are going with the express …

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Dec 10

Choosing a winter coat for outdoor kids

Sprayway jacket

Roo has grown. Again. I know it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my 3 year old daughter is shooting up taller every day but it’s the way in which she will seem to extend by centimetres overnight that throws me.

Until now we have been just about …

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