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Jul 22

Travelling without a passport – what you need to know!

With international travel security measures becoming more stringent every day, I have grown accustomed to taking my passport everywhere with me when I travel. If you were born in the UK and are a UK citizen however, then there are times when travel is┬ápossible without a passport – even by plane! For some …

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Apr 09

M5 motorway scenic stops and leg stretchers



The M5 motorway connects Birmingham and the Midlands to England’s South West. Families heading for the sandy beaches of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall depend on the M5 motorway for at least part of their journey. The M5 motorway is also important for those accessing Birmingham or Bristol international airports or connecting …

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Apr 01

Fifteen top tips for travelling with kids through London Heathrow Airport.

London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. With well over 66 million passengers travelling through the airport last year alone, the thought of tackling Heathrow with kids is enough to fill any parent with trepidation.

With London Heathrow our closest airport for international …

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May 23

Essential UK Travel & Transport Toolkit

Whilst putting together the directions information for some new walks recently, it occurred to me how utterly bamboozling the British transport system can be at times.

So many of us are experts at public transport on our own patch but further afield can require cunning and research to …

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Mar 05

M1 Motorway – scenic stop-offs and service station alternatives for families

The M1 motorway runs north-south for 193 miles between London and Leeds. For many families, the M1 motorway is the immediate escape route from London to some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside. The Peak District is accessible directly from the M1 motorway ‘s northern end as well as it being the starting …

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Feb 28

How to measure the distance of a walk on a map with string.

There is plenty of OS mapping software out there these days, often with a ‘create a route’ function that allows you to instantly map and measure your chosen walking trail. However, almost all of these cost money and sometimes when you’re just in the initial planning stages, particularly of a long multi-day trip, you don’t …

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Jan 14

Ten top tips for travelling in London with a pushchair.

Crossing London with a pushchair is many parents’ idea of a nightmare. Having previously worked at a busy mainline London station and seen many a frazzled parent emerging from tube, train and bus, I knew first hand even before my daughter arrived just what a challenge crossing London with a baby can be.

Travelling across …

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Jan 09

Ten top tips for winter walks with babies and young children.

A winter walk always presents additional challenges – it is darker, colder and tends to stay wet underfoot for longer than the summer months and walking with a baby or toddler adds in a whole new set of considerations.

Last year my daughter was so tiny I rarely took her out for a winter walk …

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Jul 05

M4 Motorway Scenic Stops & Leg Stretchers

The M4 motorway connects London to South Wales and calls past major cities of Reading, Swindon, Newport and Bristol along the way. Gateway to the south-west, the M4 is the familiar friend (or foe) of the first stage of families heading from the capital for the beaches of Devon & Cornwall or for the beautiful …

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Jun 28

Ten top tips for long car journeys with babies & young children

We recently took our 7 month year old on her first trip to Scotland. Trains and planes were ridiculously expensive so having recently purchased a very sensible estate car that we reckoned would just about squeeze all her baby gubbins in, we decided to drive. From the south of England. For eight hours.

The summer …

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