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Jun 16

Review: Meet & Greet Service, Purple Parking at London Heathrow

We are really fortunate to have London Heathrow Airport as our closest airport. To have 80 different airlines flying to more than 180 destinations across the world is a big bonus when you enjoy travelling. We rarely fly from elsewhere.

Despite living under an hour away, getting to London Heathrow Airport …

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Nov 29

Mobile Phone Review: Roaming Abroad with Three & a Sony Xperia Z3

If there’s once piece of kit that I rarely leave the house without, it is my smart phone. Whether for navigating somewhere, tracking a new hiking trail for the blog, identifying a new bird sound or checking the train times, my smart phone is a vital part of my arsenal …

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Aug 13

Test Driving the Tardis: An Outdoorsy Mum’s Perspective on the new Skoda Superb

It’s not every day you are invited to travel on a private jet to a UK car launch. Unless you are a motoring journalist in which case, it transpires,  fancy car events are your bread and butter. Or should that be your caviar and champagne?

Joining the team from Skoda on a plane …

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Mar 31

Lonely Planet Kids Books Review


Whilst my own collection of dog-eared travel guides lounge on my bookshelves, guarding the treasured memories of many a memorable adventure, it had never really occurred to me that there might be a similar source of inspiration and travel dreams for children to pour over too. Sure – Roo has an atlas aimed at older …

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Nov 23

Making Tracks in the Peak District

Walking with children is one of those balancing acts. As an outdoor parent, you desperately want them to love exploring the countryside as much as you but as any parent knows, children can smell desperation ten miles away and usually react by doing the exact opposite of what you hope! …

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Oct 24

London Pass Review: A London Birthday for Roo!

Recently, we have been bribing encouraging Roo to improve her table manners by referring to that pinnacle of etiquette, HRH Queen Elizabeth II. We have assured Roo that Her Majesty absolutely never talks with her mouth full and wouldn’t dream of not finishing her dinner. Roo as a result has developed a fixation …

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Jul 02

Wildlife Wednesday: interview with children’s author Carl Mynott

Roo is an outdoor child. We spend a lot of time exploring the great outdoors together and she is seldom happier than when she’s splashing along the hedgerows in wellies, grubbing about examining plants and bugs or grazing her way around the vegetable garden. She is also a bookworm and …

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Mar 25

Baby Carriers: Help needed!

My name is Kate and I’m not a shopaholic (except in garden centres…) but even I recognise that tiny babies take impulse buying to a whole new level. There is something about the tiredness, the desperation when you will try anything (or buy anything) to try to stop a baby screaming, the boredom …

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Oct 07

Better by Boat: Condor Ferries Review

Still dark outside  and a little bleary eyed, my husband and I found ourselves sitting in the warmth of our car at Poole Harbour waiting for the early morning Condor Ferries service to Jersey. Our wide-eyed toddler, still snug in her fleecy pajamas, chanted from her back seat ‘going on …

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