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Apr 07

Fourteen alternative activities for non-skiers on a ski holiday.

It’s the Easter holidays and half my Facebook feed seems to be full of friends posing on skis at the top of scenic, sunny mountains. You’re probably wondering what the point of this post is. After all, if you’re going on a ski holiday, surely that means you are going with the express …

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Jan 23

Florida for Active Families: 10 things to do in Florida other than Disney!


Florida is the archetypal place for a family holiday. With its sandy beaches, theme parks and endless sunshine, not to mention Disneyland and the Kennedy Space Centre, it is not difficult to see why so many families flock there every year.

Now I’m a big fan of sunshine, particularly …

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Dec 02

Isle of Wight Winter Adventure

Ferry trips and island voyages  – these are the things memories of those seemingly endless summer holidays of childhood are made of. Don’t tell everyone but it turns out some of that summer magic is to be conjured up in the autumn and winter months too, if you know where …

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Nov 07

10 Fun Family Adventures in North-East Yorkshire

On our recent road-trip up to Scotland we paid a brief visit to North Yorkshire, after breaking our journey at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel near Scarborough.

With the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District on either side of our usual route up to Scotland, North Yorkshire and particularly its east coast is an area we …

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Oct 25

A walking kind of week.

Ok – I know what you’re thinking. This is Baby Routes – isn’t every week a walking kind of week? Well yes, most of them are but last week was particularly outdoorsy as we headed off on a road trip of northern England and southern Scotland.

The main reason for our …

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Sep 30

8 Top Tips for Visiting Dublin on a Budget!


Dublin is not a cheap destination. I don’t know why this surprised me on our recent Ireland trip but it did. Don’t despair though. As we found, there are still ways of keeping your costs down when visiting Dublin, even if like us, you end up travelling during one the most expensive …

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Aug 27

Review: Dublin Airport Hilton Hotel

Malahide Castle, Dublin

The Dublin Airport Hilton Hotel was our last accommodation stop-off on our recent Ireland trip. Having left booking flights for our trip to Ireland to the last minute we were faced with either flying home at an eye-wateringly anti-social time or paying a massive premium for the few remaining seats …

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Jul 22

Travelling without a passport – what you need to know!

With international travel security measures becoming more stringent every day, I have grown accustomed to taking my passport everywhere with me when I travel. If you were born in the UK and are a UK citizen however, then there are times when travel is possible without a passport – even by plane! For some …

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May 15

Boris buggies – the end to the tot-in-town transportation dilemma?

If you were reading the technology news on the BBC website a couple of days ago you may have come across a curious article by Dougal Shaw reporting on a brand new proposed ‘Borris buggy’. The pushchair is a space-aged style plastic buggy which would incidentally look just like a Jaws sharkhead film prop if you …

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Apr 17

The Great Easter Bank Holiday Getaway

It’s that time of year again – that glorious four day weekend and the travel madness starts for some tonight! It occurred to me that I’ve posted quite a lot on travelling with kids over the year or two I’ve been writing this blog so here is a round-up of some of the …

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