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May 13

We have a winner…

Thank you to everyone who took part in the recent Funky Giraffe bibs give-away. I’ve really enjoyed reading about all your favourite picnic spots and am hoping the weather holds up so we can get out to enjoy a few more before the month is out!

Using Rafflecopter’s random winner selection button this morning we …

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Apr 27

Competition: Win 5 Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs!


It’s been super sunny recently with spring and even perhaps summer hanging tantalisingly within our grasp. Soon we will be dusting off the BBQ and brushing down the picnic rug and heading for the garden, park or walking trail. And what better way to prepare than by sprucing up your baby’s outdoor wardrobe with some colourful bibs …

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Feb 25

Bravissimo! 7 uplifting tales of real-life wonder bras.

Tales of miracle life-saving bras

I’ve been busy with my sports bra trial recently and writing up the review for Baby Routes. All that time spent thinking about underwear got me wondering about the wider possible uses of the bra. I have personally used my own bra in the past to hide money and travel …

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Feb 22

Baby it’s cold outside…

The more I read the news, the more I feel that Britain is a country of moderation and fence-post sitting. We are the mediator, the middle-man and the modest owner of the middle-ground when it comes to any major debates or decisions, whether on politics, religion or environment. A deviation from a democratic …

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Jan 14

Ten top tips for travelling in London with a pushchair.

Crossing London with a pushchair is many parents’ idea of a nightmare. Having previously worked at a busy mainline London station and seen many a frazzled parent emerging from tube, train and bus, I knew first hand even before my daughter arrived just what a challenge crossing London with a baby can be.

Travelling across …

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Jan 09

Ten top tips for winter walks with babies and young children.

A winter walk always presents additional challenges – it is darker, colder and tends to stay wet underfoot for longer than the summer months and walking with a baby or toddler adds in a whole new set of considerations.

Last year my daughter was so tiny I rarely took her out for a winter walk …

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Jun 19

Mums on the run: jogging and running with a baby.

When I was pregnant I once saw a lady running with a pushchair who had missed the bus. She was careering along the pavement at top rate hoping to catch it up. She had missed it by quite a way really as said bus was nowhere in sight. She had obviously also expected to miss …

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Jun 15

One of those (non-walking) weeks…

Thank goodness it’s Friday!┬áNot since before I went on maternity leave have I relished the marking of the end of a week with such enthusiasm. For this week has been a shocker and I can’t wait to reach the 7 day mark in the hope that things will perk up next week!

Why? Well those …

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