Oct 29

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The leaves are falling with wild abandon now as autumn makes its final approach into winter. Amazingly, the days are still mild and the weather is perfect for getting out and enjoying the change of seasons with the kids. We have been out and about enjoying all the changing colours. Here are a few of my favourite activities outdoors at this time of year:

1) Take an autumn walk in the woods. It has to be done, doesn’t it? What would autumn be without a welly walk in the woods and a bunch of children (and, ahem, parents, grandparents…)  kicking up the leaves into a whirl of oranges and yellows with gleeful abandon? You can find the best spot for autumn colour near you by popping over to the Woodland Trust website.

2) Play conkers. OK – my two are a bit young for this. Next year though Roo will no doubt be a pro in no time. There’s nothing like a good conker fight in autumn and the process of hunting outdoors for the largest, shiniest specimens and extracting them from their soft casings like oysters from their shells is a huge part of the fun. As a child, I used to soak my conkers in vinegar then bake them on a low heat in the oven for half-an-hour. If you’re entering the World Conker Championship (yes it does exist ad it’s right here in the UK – get training now for next year) then this trick is technically illegal but it doesn’t half produce some champion conkers!

3) Hedgerow foraging. Much to Roo’s sadness, the blackberries are largely finished for this year. We have been out for several short walks collecting sloes though. Roo can’t taste the final product of her efforts (sloe gin – yum) but she does enjoy helping identify and pick them with me.

4) Get the garden ready for winter. From raking leaves to washing the bird feeders, there are lots of little jobs to be done in preparation for winter outside and nearly all of them are safe for little helpers to get involved. We have been building a hedgehog house here for our newly discovered prickly garden residents as well as clearing up the veggie beds and planting spring bulbs. Pottering in the garden is one of Roo’s favourite past-times!

5) Leaf play: Whether you rake up a massive pile in the garden and jump in them, make leaf angels, shape them into outdoor artwork or collect different leaves to turn into art collages or do leaf rubbings with, getting creative with autumn’s gift to kids is a must.

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To enter to win a Mini-Micro 3-in-1 Ride-On Scooter, we would love to hear your ideas for outdoor fun this autumn  Just share your favourite ideas for outdoor family fun this autumn. You can leave a comment below or on the Baby Routes Facebook page.

If you’re not a words kind of person then you can also enter by posting a pic of your outdoor family fun on Instagram with the hashtags #babyroutes & #winascooter (don’t forget to follow @babyroutes if your account is private or your entry won’t be visible)

If you’d like an extra entry or few you can pop over and like/follow the Skate Hut and Baby Routes Facebook & Twitter pages. Do make sure you’ve sent in an idea as detailed above first and make sure you register your details and tell us how you’ve entered via the Rafflecopter widget below. Make sure you’ve read the T’s & C’s on the widget below too.

You can enter any time now on until midnight on Monday 17th November 2014. Look forward to hearing all your great ideas and good luck!

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  1. sarah fisher

    We love anything that gets us out and about, but my 2 year old sons favourite activity at the moment is “collecting”. He takes a little basket out on our walks and collects anything and everything- sticks, leaves, stones, bugs, acorns for the squirrel that comes to visit our garden. Anything goes!

  2. Rita Hutton


  3. Lucy Goodwin

    We go for lots of walks with the dog so try and find lots of different places to visit, I really love the beach as do the kids, they can explore and find treasure there that we sometimes use for crafting.

  4. Sharon

    We are collecting beautiful leaves and to make some fun arts and crafts activity. It can be really messy but it is fn and it’s the perfect time to do it!

  5. Lynn Heath

    I don’t think you can beat making a big pile of leaves with the kids and then going mental kicking them all about again!!!

  6. Bex Smith

    We love to go walking through the leaves in the woods

  7. Leanne Lunn

    We love collecting leaves and making collages and walks in the woods to see nature changing and run around.

  8. Erica Price

    Running through the leaves

  9. kim neville

    My son loves going to big parks to explore and collecting different colour leaves and big sticks

  10. Maria P

    long walks and collecting leaves

  11. S Edwards

    Collecting all different colour leaves with the children on our walks then making pictures with them

  12. William D

    We love to go walking through the leaves in the woods with the kids.

  13. laura stewart

    we enjoy going for a bike ride

  14. Claire Hull

    Going for bike rides in the woods

  15. elizabeth ferguson


  16. Alex

    Splashing in muddy puddles!

  17. laura banks

    we go fishing

  18. Jennifer Toal

    Nice walks collecting leaves to then use for craft

  19. Sarah Ballantyne

    We have invested in some great ‘i-spy’ books from the Michelin I Spy range – we have the creepy crawlies and countryside books and have been exploring the local woods and nature reserve looking for bugs and plants. The kids love running around in their wellies, ticking off things we have found and collecting leaves, pinecones and sticks to make pictures with when we get home.

  20. Frances Sunshine Hopkins

    A nice walk through the woods x

  21. Joanna Butler-Savage

    lots of lovely bike rides

  22. iain maciver

    running through all the leaves

  23. karen Cowley

    Getting out in the cold , having fun and exercising to keep warm at our local park x

  24. Jennifer Burnage

    Leaf painting

  25. kim plant

    collecting leaves for a college and helps clean the garden x


    We love walking the dog and kicking through the fallen leaves

  27. tracey bowden

    we like to just get out and about going for walks in the park my daughter does like collecting conkers with her dad at this time of year

  28. John Taggart

    Going for a walk in the woods to see all the leaves changing colour

  29. Tabitha Hampshire

    Crunchy autumn walks 🙂


    We love preparing for cozy nights in by collecting fallen tree branches from local woodlands. We use these throughout winter in our new wood burner. The sound of wood crackling and the sight of a glowing flame is like no other. Simply the best.

  31. elaine dale

    been looking for conkers with grand-kids

  32. Julie Dore

    walking along the beach is great this time of year!

  33. samj

    walks in the woods.

  34. sylvia

    Hide and seek

  35. Tracy Nixon

    We have a dog so often go for walks in the countryside where we can look for conkers, squirrels, etc. We often collect leaves to make leaf prints or pictures! Pinecones with glitter on make lovely tree decorations!

  36. Kerry Manners

    Taking a walk to the park, and letting the kids wear themselves out lol

  37. Tracy Hanley

    collecting conkers

  38. Jessica Powell

    Lots of kicking leaves about 🙂

  39. Alana Walker

    We love to go round the lake at our local country park, or to the wildlife park which is also nearby.x

  40. Lisa Everaert

    We all tend to take walks around our local forests. The kids have great fun kicking the leaves, looking for sticks and generally just being able to do what kids do without getting into too much trouble xx

  41. Carla Mills

    We will be flying kites down near the beach. Xx


    We love going for walks and geocaching

  43. Ashleigh Allan

    We go to the woods and pretend we are on a bear hunt or looking for a gruffalo 🙂

  44. Susan Smith

    Long walks with the dogs through the woods, collecting all sorts of things to make things with on rainy days

  45. Lynsey Buchanan

    we like to spot tress, flowers and animals from our nature book

  46. sian hallewell

    We love walking around a ‘natural park’ here in Telford, great kicking the leaves and spotting rabbits and squirrels.

  47. gemma brown

    we recently discovered that we live opposite a huge woodland(have lived here 9 years) . we’ve explored with our 3 boys a small amount of it, and will be checking out more very soon. They love it all open and fresh air, different types of spiders and bugs

  48. L edge

    Wonderful walks all wrapped up cozy and warm.
    Also a good big family game of rounders!

  49. fozia Akhtar

    Lots of walks in the forest

  50. Lynsey Spraggs

    We have just started geocaching and my boys love it. It’s great fun gets you out and about with lots of exercise.

  51. stef williams

    Feeding the ducks in the park or collecting sticks is my toddlers favourite at the moment!

  52. corinne henson

    Lots of family walks in our wellies in the woods 🙂

  53. kirsty thompson

    me and my kids love taking a stroll down the woods through all the crunchy leaves

  54. Janet Coverdale

    Collecting leaves in Dalby Forest and making collages with them

  55. Shmuel Nowogrodski

    walks on the hills

  56. Stacey Le Page

    We do scavenger hunts around the local resevoir. It’s a beautiful walk and they enjoy seeing the wild life. We jump in the leaves and collect conkers.

  57. nicci cowdell-murray

    picking leaves and doing leaf printing with them

  58. Angela Fitzjohn

    Bike rides, walking through parks with the leaves falling off the trees.

  59. zoe

    our outdoor fun is our plum playground in the garden (touches the fences on all sides eek) picnics in the park, we have kites, skates and bikes. Today we walked along the beach in wellies and found a live crab 😀

  60. samantha price

    leaf diving great fun

  61. laura jayne bates

    taking the dog for a walk in the park whilst kicking through the leaves

  62. susie

    I love taking my little one (7 months old) in the baby carrier and heading out into the countryside with the dog. i’m determined to keep up the adventures with my baby and show him the delights of the great outdoors too!

  63. john hatrey

    Getting in after the park to a hot choc and good film.

  64. Rachael Jess

    we wrap up and visit the beach, where it’s less busy now and collect shells

  65. Sandra Lane

    We like to take the dogs out for long walks in the park. The kids put on their wellies and have leaf fights.

  66. Lucy Robinson

    A nice walk through the woods looking for squirrels. x

  67. Zoe G

    We love autumn walks, exploring new places and the kids have great fun collecting things on the way from leaves to cones, looking for animal burrows etc

  68. Allan Smith

    A nice long walk

  69. Amanda A

    Running through the leaves and taking walks in our nearby forest collecting pine cones, twigs and leaves to bring home and so craft activities with them

  70. nicola clarkson

    going for walks in the leaves

  71. Pauline Hill

    Going for bike rides

  72. Rachel Heap

    go for walks and see what things you can find to make an autumn picture

  73. Becca Staples

    Collecting leaves and fir cones in the woods and then making pictures with them x

  74. sarah rees

    trips to the beach 🙂

  75. Nichola armstrong

    me and my family love walking our border terrier Poppy, through the local park which has a lot of woodland around it, whilst walking we look squirrels, and pick up the fallen leaves off the ground and any other exciting bits we find. We then come home and the kids get the crayons, paint etc out and either colour their leaves or place the leave under paper and use the crayon over the top. Lots of fun and things that I used to do as a child 🙂

  76. Caroline H

    Gathering up the leaves and jumping and crunching in them then doing some baked potatoes in the bonfire.

  77. Jennifer Potter

    Going on an insect hunt

  78. Charlotte rawlins

    The Gruffalo forest trail is the best thing we’ve done so far 🙂

  79. allison sullivan

    our outside adventures are only a few fields away as our village is full of fields and a great river which leads for miles and we do lots of walking and exploring with the dog

  80. Keri Jones

    My son is obsessed with running through the leaves and jumping in puddles so we will be doing lots of that 🙂 x

  81. Natalie Crossan

    Trips to the beach 😀

  82. Joanne Addison

    My boys love making ‘puddings’ which involves them mashing up leaves and mixing it with mud!!

  83. Lyla

    Tramping through the leaves in our wellies

  84. EJ Dunn

    Nature scavenger hunts

  85. yvonne

    walking down the valley collecting leaves to make pictures

  86. angela sandhu

    Kicking through the leaves in the park

  87. Linda McGarrigle

    Treasure hunts in the woods , wellie buckets and a mummy made list = perfect fundays x

  88. Hekna

    I love putting together a list of things to spot and going out to the local forest to see what we can find.

  89. gemma clark

    We love going out finding conkers!

  90. lyn burgess

    We love going for walks in the park and kicking into the leaves. Before we come home we try to collect some conkers and pretty leaves and stones to make a display on the windowsill in the hall

  91. debbie burfoot

    jumping in big muddy puddles, kicking crunchy leaves and stomping through the forest

  92. Victoria Mylittlel

    going for walk as it stands

  93. Gill Mitchell

    We love going on welly walks where we splash in puddles and crunch through leaves 😀

  94. rebecca nisbet

    my daughter loves muddy puddle hunting, we wrap up warm and get in our wellies!


    We go for walks around the park collecting leaves and pine cones to make pictures

  96. kris

    playing conkers!

  97. julie munro

    my kids and me enjoy geocaching. gets you out and about and exploring places i have never been.

  98. claire fawkner

    Hunting for leaves and conkers and pinecones to make pretty pictures and collages!

  99. Mummy Fever

    We have enjoyed the Gruffalotrail

  100. leigh boyle

    anything to do with leaves atm so jumping in them collection them and even painting with them so far

  101. melanie stirling

    Walking through the woods and playing in the fallen leaves and collecting conkers.

  102. rene maria creamer

    Raking the leaves into a huge pile and dive into them!

  103. irene gilmour

    lots of walks my kids love jumping in puddles

  104. Corinne Peat

    Autumn walks collecting conkers.

  105. Kay

    Collecting leaves etc for pictures and painting.

  106. vicky cockett

    we collect leaves and pine cones for art and crafts, we throw the helicopter seeds from sycamore trees into the air and chase them trying to catch them all before they fly to the ground, we look for animal tracks in the muddy ground.

  107. vicki hennie

    We like to take nice walks in Delamere Forest x x

  108. Sarah

    We love going to the Lickey hills and collecting Pine cones!

  109. abigail edkins

    we love making dens at the local country park

  110. Amy Skinner

    We simply love walking and talking about colours and textures

  111. Hazel Murphy

    Cycling is good this year because it has been warm and dry.

  112. Fiona B

    Woodland walks with the fallen leaves

  113. Stephanie Tsang

    Playing in the park and going to a local fireworks display for Bonfire Night.

  114. Pam Francis Gregory

    Long walks in the woods

  115. Stevie Fairbairn

    Kicking the leaves on the pavement and enjoying a bovril.

  116. michelle banks

    walking through the woods x

  117. Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows

    we collected conkers and then rolled them in paint to make fab pictures

  118. Sharon

    We often ride or walk through the woods and the kids love to pick anything that they can take home to see if it can be cooked or sed in some experiment!

  119. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Just got back from a log cabin holiday on Lock Awe, great!

  120. lindsey bray

    a fairy tree house

  121. Lisa Smith

    Getting wrapped up warm and going for long walks in the woods 🙂

  122. Hayley Mulgrove

    Walking and messing about in the puddles

  123. gemma nisbet

    Den building is a firm favourite activity for the autumn in our house

  124. tamalyn roberts

    now its lovely and windy its great for flying the kite

  125. Leanne Newsome

    Some family time together on walks etc

  126. donna l jones

    walks in the woods trips to the park

  127. MichelleD

    Family walks in the countryside, and collecting things to make an Autumn picture!

  128. Elaine B

    Walks in the wood

  129. kayleigh white

    We love walking the two dogs through the miles and miles of Welsh countryside. Kicking the fallen leaves as we walk.

  130. Lacemaker

    Making piles of leaves and then jumping in them

  131. Stacey Carnell

    Lots of walks in the forest and autumn collages 🙂

  132. helen booth

    Walking our 2 dogs at the local woods and fishing park

  133. Harley

    We go to the woods and collect autumn things ie leaves conkers etc and make autumn collages at home x

  134. lara davis

    Collecting leafs for leaf prints xx

  135. aideen patel

    I’ve been taking my daughter to the local pool as the weather has changed & it reminds us of holidays

  136. Joanne Lever

    We love walking in our local woods, rustling our feet in the autumn leaves, collecting different shades of leaves to make pictures. Sneaking a peak at the bugs hiding under rocks and finally last but certainly not least hiding from the dinosaurs lurking in the woods, of course we are pre-warned by the diplodocus alarm first, “quick run, hide”

  137. Sue McCarthy

    Bird watching

  138. caroline kelly

    We collected pretty leaves and painted them as ghosts for halloween

  139. Jenny Harper

    Scrambling through leaves in a wooded area… my kids are loving it!

  140. Stephen Little

    Long walks

  141. Maxine Owen

    Walking in the woods through leaves

  142. Catherine Culmer

    Walks in the park collecting leaves

  143. Kat Glynn

    Autumn woodland walks x

  144. Amanda Beamish

    Walking in the woods (but not cleaning the dog up afterwards)

  145. Kirsty Greer

    den building in the woods x

  146. Karen martin

    Walking through our local nature park

  147. Greig Spencer

    walking through the woods

  148. kristin burdsall

    We love collecting leaves to make pictures with 🙂

  149. Fern

    collecting sticks to build bonfires, collecting nuts to roast on the fire, roasting marshmallows, making hot chocolate over the fire with melty marshmallows in.. yuum! proper old fashioned fun, and us doing it TOGETHER as we need to constantly supervise

  150. Keith Hunt

    Wild game of football family V dogs on the beach

  151. Sharon L Johnson

    finding pine cones and painting them

  152. Wendy Smith

    Now the weather is changing and the wind is getting stronger we love to fly kites, making them dip and soar. Good exercise in the great outdoors.

  153. eloise mccarthy

    collecting leaves and jumping in puddles 🙂

  154. michelle pierce

    Running through the fallen leaves and jumping in muddy puddles

  155. Tracey Foley

    We like to go to the park to fly our kites.

  156. Jo Booth

    taking the dogs to the local pebble beach, its great for dog walking in the autumn/winter

  157. Michelle Phillips

    A scavenger hunt in the local park

  158. nadia bates

    My children enjoy getting their metal detectors out and searching for treasures



  160. Robby Price

    A camping holiday

  161. jen jackson

    collecting things from the woods and making a collage with them

  162. Jo Wakefield

    A walk collecting leave and jumping in puddle

  163. Samantha Sugden

    Going for bike rides around the country parks

  164. Susan Hoggett

    kite flying at our local beach

  165. Solange

    Running through the leaves

  166. tarbs gill

    Forest adventures, exploring for hidden treasure!

  167. jessica newman

    we take the family geocaching, fresh air, a nice walk and treasure hunting, you cant beat it

  168. Kay panayi

    We like putting our wellies on and looking for conkers

  169. Mary Fuller

    Walking in the woods is great fun at the moment. I adore the different colours of the trees, those that havent already lost their leaves that is, my boxer dog on the other hand adores chasing every single leaf that the wind blows … we can end up VERY muddy 🙂

  170. Denielle Nicol

    Being out with the fog and watching him charge through the leaves enjoying every moment!

  171. carly bryan

    going for a walk on a windy day to the local park

  172. Kim Beale

    A lovely woodland walk collecting leaves, conkers, acorns etc and doing crafty little projects with them on rainy days x

  173. Elizabeth Williams

    Walking in the woods, kicking leaves and collecting leaves and twigs for nature collages

  174. jenette ogborn

    We love going for walks in the woods 🙂

  175. Viv C

    Feeding the ducks – wellies essential.

  176. Donna-Lisa Towner

    We love to go to the park

  177. Nat Baker

    Collecting leaves and sticks, and jumping in muddy puddles. 🙂

  178. gracieg

    chestnuting in the woods and roasting them at home

  179. Claire Petley

    We’re going to the woods tomorrow to play in the wet brown leaves, we welly and rain coat up and go get really muddy and have leave fights etc before it gets too cold and everything hardens

  180. Pauline Burroughs

    We’re going out to collect fir cones to decorate for Christmas x

  181. carol boffey

    walking through the leaves

  182. Steven Morris

    Making a huge pile of leaves and then diving into it.

  183. Calley Bryson

    We love going for long walks in the woods with our dog looking for mini beasts!

  184. Ian Yates

    Conkering! 🙂

  185. stacey kavanah

    putting on our wellies and jumping in all the puddles

  186. simon hardy

    cricket in the park

  187. Naomi Buchan

    Crunching through leaves, blackberry and cherry picking and playing with conkers x

  188. Hannah

    The best outdoor activities for outdoor fun is splashing in puddles and running along. Kicking up leaves and getting muddy bums it’s all about imaginary fun!
    Skipping and spinning and dancing together it is all about memory’s and singing songs.
    Spotting animals and holding hands it is all about outdoor fun! Xx

  189. Angela Paull

    Lots of puddle splashing and leaf kicking

  190. olivia kirby

    we love going to the woods for den building

  191. Monika

    Is there anything more special than a walk in the woods? Autumn is especially great for this. Collecting leaves, berries. Then using these for home crafts.

  192. jacqueline chapman

    we love going to the woods to watch the red squirrels

  193. Kerry lethbridge

    Keep it simple feeding ducks, puddle jumping collecting leaves and consumers for arts and crafts. Kids don’t need loads of money spent they just want family time

  194. Keeley Atkinson

    Collecting leaves of various shapes/sizes, and doing paint prints. x

  195. Sam Cornford

    Putting on our wellies and jumping in muddy puddles.

  196. Julie Ward

    Nature trail and playground in a park near us, they also have a cafe selling ice cream for grandchildren.

  197. Joanne Clough

    Collecting leaves whilst playing in the park and them using them for some arty fun.

  198. Tracy Alder-Ashwin

    As we seem to get so much rain our favourite activities are rain days. Just putting on our wellies and jumping and splashing in lots of puddles. Guaranteed laughter and fun!

  199. lia sturman

    We love to go walking through the leaves in the woods

  200. Isabelle


  201. kay S

    Going into the park, feeding the squirrels and playing ball games on the green to warm up.

  202. zarah aspinall

    we are actually going out in about an hour for a lovely walk throu the woods to the park and a warming drink and food at a park cafe.. feed the ducks.. stone jumping and bike riding.. cant wait!

  203. Clare H

    lots of walks and collecting conkers

  204. Erica Field

    Collecting treasure in the woods

  205. Kimberley Robinson

    Has to be all rugged up with wellies kicking and playing in the autumn leaves

  206. Catherine Bell

    A walk through our local casle gardens collecting conkers

  207. Mark Palmer

    Walks on the beach

  208. Amy Jane Beckett

    We love to go and skateboard as a family.

  209. becci cleary

    Daytime Camping in the woods 🙂

  210. Jill fairbank

    Going for walks and jumping in the autumn leaves

  211. Rosalind Blight

    Making art with all of the beautiful things you can find at this time of year

  212. Gemma Snell

    walks in the woods

  213. Kelly Hooper

    currently my daughters favourite outdoor activity is collecting conkers

  214. Katherine Coldicott

    We like to go to the woods and colllect things such as cones & different coloured leaves. It’s also great fun with our dogs chasing about.

  215. Karen Barrett

    We love collecting natural materials and making collages with them at home

  216. Kristy Brown

    Lots of coastal walks along the Gower Peninsula for us

  217. Penny Ford

    Collecting conkers while jumping in all the leaves. Great fun

  218. Linz Wileman

    walking through the leaves in the woods with the kids and the dog

  219. sarah

    making hedgehog houses with leaves, sticks etc

  220. Samantha Bolter

    We have so many terrific walks close to the house, kicking leaves and jumping in puddles would be nice but for the people who just dont CLEAN UP their dog mess 🙁 alas it’s stick to the roads and well used pathways to keep clean…. if only people would learn!

  221. Karen Lloyd

    We enjoy going to the woods near our house to build a den with the kids.

  222. Louise McNicol

    We love to go for a walk with the kids in the local nature trail which has lots of chestnut trees, we also collect pine cones for the children to decorate for Christmas.

  223. Rebecca Phillips

    collecting whatever we can find! acorns, pine cones, different coloured leaves – everything!

  224. Kirsty Harrington

    Dog walking, we always have fun with our surroundings

  225. claire little

    atm our favourite is going to the park, collecting leaves and making prints 🙂

  226. Rory Campion

    We went out to look at all the things changing in the autumn, different coloured leaves, different mushrooms growing, and playing with sycamore seeds

  227. Claire Nelson

    A walk along the canal near our house collecting pretty fallen leaves

  228. Heather Simpson

    Collecting leaves and doing rubbing pictures with them is great fun

  229. natalee gosiewski

    collection pinecones and leafs to make xmas decorations with the children

  230. Kim Styles

    Print out your local area ordnance survey map- it will show all the public footpaths in your area, i am lucky am in a rural area but even if you live in a town go to the suburbs and you will find public footpaths all over the place. We pack a picnic, grab the dog ,doggy bags and a camera phone and we as a family walk out of the door and set off walking for the day- we plan a route that ends up back at the house and spend some free quality time together ,enjoy healthy exercise and see lots of wildlife. fantastic!

  231. Megan Adams

    Puddle splashing! 🙂

  232. LEE HARDY

    Going for a bike ride through park.

  233. Maria Jane Knight

    We like to go for long autumn walks as we live in the countryside, then we collect leaves, take them home stick them to the outsides of old jam jars which we then use a tea light holders so the glow shines through the autumn colours <3

  234. christy beckett

    We love walking round our local nature reserve and collecting leaves etc and making a collage when we get home. There is also a pond and you can hire nets to try and catch small animals and insects. My twin boys love doing this.

  235. Matt Brasier

    we enjoy going for a bike ride

  236. Victoria N

    Walking through the woods near our house, seeing what wildlife we can spot

  237. Kirsty Woods

    Playing in the fallen leaves

  238. esther james

    Collecting leaves to do a leaf print collage is good fun

  239. Julie Brooke

    Got to be collecting conkers and ivy for Christmas wreaths

  240. cathyj

    walking my dogs in the woods

  241. jo maxted

    leaf kicking and puddle jumping!

  242. catriona nation

    Walking in the woods with the children

  243. Joanna Sawka

    playing badminton in the park

  244. Trudi Walsh

    Bike rides & collecting conkers

  245. Bernadette Blundell

    we like the noise the leaves make as we run through them

  246. George Williamson

    Walking along the canal near my home

  247. Elle Warwick

    Long walks in the woods near my house

  248. Barbara Handley

    Going for a walk along the canal seeing how the countryside is changing with it’s beautiful colours.

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