A Call to Inaction

Nine weeks of being shut at home and we have found a silver lining. A heightened awareness of the natural world right here on our doorstep.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of changing the participant name for yet another school Zoom class brings me close to erupting. Fortunately the natural world …

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Free Family Fun in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famed for its so-called ‘sunshine tax’. Whether it’s on meals out, after-school activities or just the weekly grocery shop that makes your eyes water at the amount you just spent on a bag of carrots, a loaf of bread and the all-essential sunscreen (and that’s before tax…), money doesn’t seem to stretch …

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Navigating anew with ‘what3words’.

what3words screen shot

Apps and maps come and go but seldom does one particular location tracker make such waves as what3words has since its launch, and that momentum is growing all the time. If you see the symbol /// followed by three words separated by full stops e.g. ///grass.house.beetle  then you should know that rather than the …

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Biking Hollywood with CycLAvia

Bikes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, CycLAavia cycle event, Hollywood Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles may be recognised globally as the glamorous home of movies but its reputation for appallingly bad traffic is not far behind. Home to the very first freeway in the United States and with a population of over 10 million people, Los Angeles County has developed a transport system predominantly focused on cars. Whilst …

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On Moving Across the World…

Downtown LA from Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, USA.


A photo memory popped up on my phone yesterday from last May. At first I wondered what fresh parenting madness had led me into creating a visual record of a bunch of winter clothing and outgrown baby kit. Then I realised they were photo listings for eBay, taken as we madly tried to empty …

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Lambing Weekend at the Earth Trust

Getting up close with the new spring lambs.Getting up close with the new spring lambs. Lambing Weekend, Earth Trust

The Earth Trust at Little Wittenham is one of my favourite places in South Oxfordshire for outdoor family fun. The environmental charity manages and cares for over 1200 acres of beautiful mixed countryside as well as promoting outdoor and environmental learning. 

We love walking at Wittenham Clumps where the easily recognisable landmarks provide great …

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A 36 hour stopover with kids in Sydney, Australia

I will always associate the scent of jacaranda with Sydney. 

There is something primal about those first few breaths you take as you step out of an airport. I find myself savouring that first nose-ful of air, scouring it for clues about my surroundings.  Meanwhile my brain is subconsciously storing away these memory triggers. The …

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Outdoor Ideas for February Half Term


February half term is nearly upon us and whilst the temperatures are still pretty low, there’s plenty of free, outdoor fun to be had to fill your days and wear out energetic children.

I’ve listed some of my favourite ideas below and don’t forget to check out the Baby Routes calendar for outdoor/ nature events …

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Bear’s First 1km (or walking with an inbetween, again…)

Just over a week ago Bear walked his first official continuous 1km. I’ve had a feeling he was capable of it for a while but we don’t record our every walk. It’s not really about the distance when you’re walking with kids, is it? 

That Friday was a sunny, if somewhat nippy, January day. Bear …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

It’s that time again to find a comfy chair by the garden window or wrap up warm and head to the local park armed with your bird guide, notepad and a flask of hot chocolate. Yes – it’s Big Garden Birdwatch time again! 

Every year the RSPB encourages people across the UK to take …

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