10 Reasons why I’m not ready to leave the Isles of Scilly.

St. Martin's, Isles of Scilly

Those who follow Baby Routes on Instagram and other social media will have gathered by now we are in the Isles of Scilly. Tonight though is our last night in the Scilly Isles. As I type the suitcases are lying sprawled across the bed and we are wondering how much weight the girls’ immense collection of seashells is going to add on.

We arrived nearly a week ago on the Scillonian ferry from Penzance not knowing quite what to expect other than a rather gloomy forecast by the Met Office and some fantastic preliminary organisation and activity scheduling by the lovely staff at the Tregarthen’s Hotel. The Met Office obviously have no idea where Scilly is because they have thankfully got the forecast spectacularly wrong almost every day we have been here. We have had amazing weather, even on the days that started cloudy and without promise.

As the light begins to fade on the harbour outside our window my thoughts are turning homeward and of the many posts I am planning to share with you about our time here. I’m really not sure thought that I’m ready to go yet. Despite visiting all the inhabited islands, a week just doesn’t seem long enough to really get to know this remarkably special place. There is so much still left to do, hidden beaches to discover and footpaths to wander. All those places we meant to go back to when we had five minutes to spare to explore in greater depth, all those places we failed to get to completely. For such small islands, there is a remarkable amount to do.

So Tregarthen’s, I really hope you don’t have another booking for our room, for here are ten reasons why I am strongly considering ditching my return ticket home…

  • We may have visited all the inhabited islands during our stay but what about all those uninhabited islands? We hoped to hire a boat to explore all those tiny beaches at our own pace or take another wildlife trip out to see those wonderful seals and seabirds just one more time.
  • Talking of seals, what would I give for a few more day to squeeze in a snorkeling with the seals trip from St. Martin’s? Admittedly the girls are too young to go too but I’m sure my lovely husband would have happily bimbled about on yet another gorgeous sandy beach with them whilst I snorkeled in those beautiful clear waters with a playful few of one of Britain’s most important Atlantic Grey Seal populations.

Seals, Isles of Scilly

  • The girls are only just beginning to get the hang of travelling everywhere by boat. Beth is a pro at squealing in glee as we ride the waves and Roo even got to help put the fender over the side today in preparation for our ferry coming in to the quay. Give them another few weeks and they would be sailing it I’m sure!
  • I have the most ridiculous tan lines on my feet. I can’t go home looking like that! Need more sandal free time in the Scillonian sunshine to even things up a bit…
  • I’ve only tried two flavours of the incredible Troytown Farm ice-cream on St. Agnes. In choosing the rose geranium (think floral turkish delight) and panna cotta with black cherry I may well have started with the best but I had firm sights on the banana, baileys and cinnamon combo and I didn’t get to try a fudge flake!

Evening meal with a view at Tregarthen's Hotel, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly

  •  Whilst on food, the breakfasts and evening meals here at Tregarthen’s have been delicious. I’m really not sure I’ll survive now on just muesli for breakfast and I’m definitely not ready to start cooking dinner again! We are all definitely going to miss the super-friendly staff.
  • We haven’t switched on the TV once all week. Not even to see if it worked or not. With the view of the harbour and Hugh Town out our window it really wouldn’t have mattered if it hadn’t and besides we have been far too busy outside all day, every day for the girls to even clock it was in the room. With no 3G for me across the islands, outside of the hotel I’ve been completely removed from internet and social media, sneaky email checking and the like. It’s been a real screen detox which for a blogger is perhaps needed more than most.
  • The girls have gone out like a light and slept 12 hours solidly every night we have been here. As for me? Well all my well-intentioned plans of writing up our stay after the girls went to bed each night have fallen by the beach-side. I’ve been unable to keep my eyes open beyond 10pm each night and that’s coming from someone who struggles to get to sleep normally. A combination of sea air with lots of walking, exploring, good food and comfy beds perhaps?  Whatever the magic formula, I’m not quite ready to go back to coaxing Beth to sleep for an hour every night and I’m hoping to take my own new found sleeping habits home with me.

Playing on the beach, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly

  • When we visited Bryher we somehow managed to run out of time to eat at Fraggle Rock or find the fudge stall. If Jamie Oliver himself says we ought to visit it then it would be wrong to go home without visiting first surely?
  • Roo is in complete denial about going home. She wants to go swimming in the sea again and to set sail once more for a new island to explore for the day. Both girls have had so much fun and freedom to run wild and be ‘proper’ children here that it seems cruel to take them away again so soon.

These are just ten of the many reasons for staying on the Isles of Scilly longer but at least we have one more treat in store for us. The weather for our plane ride home is looking good (I asked the locals, not the Met Office) and our final view of the islands from our tiny aircraft promise to be spectacular. Isles of Scilly – it’s been an immense pleasure getting to know you. We are sure it won’t be long before we are back again.


Our trip to the Isles of Scilly has been in partnership with Isles of Scilly Travel and Tregarthen’s Hotel, St. Mary’s. As ever, all writing, opinions, research and travel ramblings remain entirely my own. 

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  1. I am so excited – we’re going here in August and I can’t wait!

    1. You’ll have a great time. Look forward to revisiting via your blog .

  2. This is a truly marvellous post. I have been fascinated by the Scilly Isles and Sealand for years and will definitely go someday. There is a football league there with 2 teams which fascinates me. I’ve been to Sark, Herm and the Isle of Wight and loved them.

    1. Yes – we passed the football pitch. It was tiny and you can just run on and have a kick about if you fancy it! If you like beautiful Herm then you would love the Isles of Scilly. Same untamed feel and beautiful land/sea scapes. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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