Wildlife Wednesday: 30 Days Wild Challenge – Days 1 to 7

We are now one week in to our 30 Days Wild challenge. It’s been a busy time, not least because those seven days have spanned being on and returning from holiday and getting back to normal routines again, all of which has left relatively little time for extra things.

Still, as we learned doing the challenge last year, whilst spending as much time outdoors as possible is wonderful, a nature interaction need only take a minute or two, or even just a few seconds! It’s about being aware of your surroundings and switching on to those non-human aspects of life that surround us without us even noticing half the time.

If you follow Baby Routes on Instagram then you will already know what we have been up to each day this week for our Random Acts of Wildness. If not, you can find a summary below. Click on first image to start a slideshow with more info on each day’s 30 Days Wild Challenge.

The only day missing from the photos is yesterday – Day  7 . We spent ten minutes before bedtime out in the garden listening to the ‘bedtime birds’ singing their evening chorus. Roo counted how many different types of song she could hear (7 in the end) whilst Beth mainly enjoyed cuddles and the odd moment of pretending to be a bird! It was a lovely, calming activity to do before bedtime. Roo and Beth were snoring long before the birds stopped singing for the night.

Unfortunately, stormy skies, evening light and a reluctance on the part of the birds to come close enough for a decent photo means my photography efforts from yesterday were pretty poor, hence the lack of image!

Today is Day 8 of the challenge and we have had our first successful attempt at making a plaster of paris cast of animal tracks. See how we got on  – I’ll be writing it up very soon!

What have you been doing this week that has got you outside and into nature? I’d love to hear all your ideas! You can see what some other great nature bloggers are up to on the 30 Days Wild Challenge over on the blogger website here.



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