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It was a glorious autumnal morning – bright sunshine warming the russets and golds of the fallen leaves which

Field walk with baby at five days old

First field walk with baby at five days old

whirled an enticing invitation to put on my boots and head out into the fields. And then a wail from beside me reminded me of the fact that I was now responsible for a significantly smaller pair of feet than my own when it came to hiking boots and walks…

At barely a week old my daughter was in a sling and roaming the woods and fields with me and we haven’t looked back. They say for walks there is no such things as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Admittedly I’m not about to recommend carting a small baby out on all day walks in sub-zero temperatures but I have discovered and am still learning that the right route and the right kit can make accessing the great outdoors possible in most conditions.

This is a site to share baby friendly walks and walking routes, connect with other outdoor parents, find baby friendly outdoor groups and activities and review the kit that helps get ourselves and our little ones out the door.

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    • sam on July 5, 2012 at 08:22
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    Hi there – I live in Henley on Thames is that where you are based? would be great to meet for walks.
    all the best

  1. Hi

    Would Baby Routes be interested in exchanging reciprocal links with happyhiker.co.uk

    1. Hi – yes, would be delighted to exchange links. Looks like a great website you have there!

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