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Practicalities of taking a baby on walks

Sleeping baby in a hugabub wrap whilst out for a walk

Walks with a baby are no more difficult than walking without a baby – it just takes a bit more planning, a degree of flexibility and a few extras to take along on the walk (one being the baby)! So nothing that the average parent doesn’t already have to cope with for every …

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Hiking to health: the physical and mental health benefits of walking

Walking, hiking, rambling or roaming: whatever you call it – it’s free, it’s enjoyable, walks take you through some of the most scenic countryside on offer and it is good for your physical and mental health and well-being. Walking has long been recognised as a gentle yet extremely effective means of exercise, accessible to all …

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Hugabub Review

A photo of A dad wearing a hugabub baby carrier wrap.

This post starts my review of slings, buggies, rucksacks, pushchairs and other kit for taking babies out into the wilds!

I am beginning with the Hugabub wrap. This was the second sling I purchased after the birth of my daughter. With a very refluxy baby, I was desperate for a means of getting on with life without …

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Babasling Review

Photo of a dad wearing a black Babasling carrying a young baby.

Next on the list of outdoor baby kit review list is the Babasling.

We bought the Babasling very early on and it was the first sling we ever took our daughter for a field walk in. The Babasling is a fabric one-shoulder sling and I liked the idea of having my tiny baby held close against …

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National Park walks with wheels!


If you are itching to explore some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside but prefer to take a pushchair or are looking for walks more suitable for little legs  – don’t despair! The 15 UK National Park authorities are increasingly aware of the needs of young families looking to venture out and many have published …

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It was a glorious autumnal morning – bright sunshine warming the russets and golds of the fallen leaves which whirled an enticing invitation to put on my boots and head out into the fields. And then a wail from beside me reminded me of the fact that I was now responsible for a significantly smaller …

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