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hugabub baby on walk

How is it Autumn half term already?

The last time I posted I was still sporting a humongous baby belly and basking out in what seemed to be an endless summer. Now the leaves on the oak tree in the garden are falling and we are overrun with apples (send your dessert apple recipe ideas …

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Days Out: Housesteads Roman Fort, Northumberland

Housesteads Roman Fort, Northumberland, Family Days Out

It is almost impossible when travelling through Nothumberland to escape constant reminders of Roman Britain, even around 1600 years after the Romans finally left Britain!

We arrived in Northumberland on a Friday evening in June. ¬†Despite being nearly 2300 at night, the sky was that deep murky blue-black …

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Kit Review: The Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier Review, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

For us, a week’s family holiday in the wilds of Northumberland was always going to involve lots of outdoor time. Four year old Roo is a fantastic little walker. Beth though, at just two, still struggles to keep up on longer outings. ‘Longer’ ¬†meaning anything over 40 minutes…or anything over …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Visiting the Farne Islands, Northumberland with Children

Shag, seabirds, Farne Islands with children

Taking young children on a bird-watching boat trip might not spring instantly to mind. If you’re in Northumberland between April and July though, it really ought to.

You don’t have to be a nature buff to appreciate the Farne Islands nor do your children need to know their coots from …

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Family Days Out: The Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne

Swiss Museum of Transport


The Swiss Museum of Transport is a great day out by itself or combined with a visit to its beautiful lakeside setting near Lucerne. Covering everything from trains to planes and even space exploration, the museum is aimed at children and adults alike and offers something to interest, educate or …

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Review: Meet & Greet Service, Purple Parking at London Heathrow

meet-greet Purple Parking Review

We are really fortunate to have London Heathrow Airport as our closest airport. To have 80 different airlines flying to more than 180 destinations across the world is a big bonus when you enjoy travelling. We rarely fly from elsewhere.

Despite living under an hour away, getting to London Heathrow Airport …

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Wildlife Wednesday: 30 Days Wild Challenge – Days 8-14

Nocturnal walk, hedgehog feeding, 30 Days Wild

The 30 Days Wild challenge for the Wildlife Trusts has been continuing this week in the Baby Routes household. After all the activity of our first week, it’s been another busy wildlife week here with nocturnal garden explorations, making plaster casts of deer tracks and some pond-dipping and microscope action. There’s also been …

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Outdoor Activities: Making an Animal Track Cast

How to make animal track plaster casts, 30 Days Wild

After coming across the idea in a wonderful book of nature activities I picked up from a charity shop, I’ve been eager to try out making an animal track cast out of Plaster of Paris of some of those tracks we find out on our family walks. We gave it a first shot …

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Wildlife Wednesday: 30 Days Wild Challenge – Days 1 to 7

Identifying Swiss wild flowers - 30 Days Wild

We are now one week in to our 30 Days Wild challenge. It’s been a busy time, not least because those seven days have spanned being on and returning from holiday and getting back to normal routines again, all of which has left relatively little time for extra things.

Still, as …

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11 Tips for Hiking when Pregnant!

Switzerland at 6 months pregnant

There’s no point trying to conceal it any longer. After all, despite my best efforts, ‘it’ is failing miserably to remain inconspicuous beneath my increasingly strained and unforgiving summer tops…

I am thrilled to announce that, as of the end of this summer, we are expecting another mini-explorer …

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