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Holiday Dreaming: Boating Holidays & Adventure Cruising with Children

Sailing in Greece, sunset

“Welcome to ‘Holiday Dreaming’ – a new monthly series of posts in which I hope to bring inspiration for adventurous and outdoorsy holidays for active young families.

Being an avid researcher by nature and training, and a huge enthusiast for travel, I am always planning new family holidays with a ‘wild’ twist. …

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Wildlife Wednesday: The Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham

The Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham

The Nature Discovery Centre, run by the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust at Thatcham has been cropping up a lot in the last six months of so, mainly when looking for outdoorsy and wildlife activities to take Roo and Beth to. Despite its lure, being a little further than …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Building a pond for Froggy

Frog in strawberry patch

Do you want to know the magic solution to a slug infestation? Get some frogs!

Joking aside, frogs are seriously helpful little creatures to have in the garden, as are their amphibious relatives – toads and newts. All of them enjoy a diet of small insects, insect larvae and slugs, …

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Accommodation Review: Brackenhurst Self Catering Cottage, West Runton (Norfolk)

Brackenhurst, Norfolk Cottages, Accommodation Review in West Runton, Norfolk.

On our winter weekend escape to the north Norfolk coast I wanted to stay somewhere that was a complete retreat, where we could cosy ourselves away as the early winter evenings set in and from which we could make easy forays into the local countryside to blast away the winter gloom. …

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Wildlife Wednesday: The Big Duck Food Experiment!

duck, henley

Ducks and children – could there be a better match for early childhood fun? I’m not entirely sure how the tradition of going to feed the ducks began or how far back in history. I don’t know whether it is the comedic way ducks waddle, their noisy quacking or their unquestioning acceptance of …

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How to Make Hiking a Habit with Young Children

Toddler starting the Baby Routes Ridgeway walks

Read a childhood classic such as ‘Swallows and Amazons’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking that children naturally spend their time running carefree through miles of glorious countryside in pursuit of adventure.

This romantic ideal of childhood has grown evermore distant as society has moved on. These days over 80% of the …

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Wildlife Wednesday: National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week

I woke up this morning to a beautiful orange sunrise (definitely of the ‘Shepherd’s warning’ variety) and to the sound of the birds singing. It’s still a bit early in the year for a full-blown dawn chorus but despite the nippy temperatures I’ve definitely noticed an increase in volume of …

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Hollywood & Griffith Park Part 2: …to the Stars Below.

Angelina Jolie-Pitt, Brad Pitt at By the Sea premiere, Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, California

…continued from Part 1: Griffith Park & Hollywood – From the Stars Above…


Hollywood and the Stars Below

After days spent exploring the high ground that towers iconically over Hollywood’s famous streets, it was time to head back down from the hills. Back down at the bottom of the canyons our drive …

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Griffith Park & Hollywood Part 1: From the Stars Above…

Hollywood Sign, California, US

When we returned to Los Angeles for the third week of our month in California we were curious to head inland. The first week of our stay had been based in the trendy and eclectic LA seaside hub of Santa Monica but I longed to get a bit closer to …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Winter Tree Identification Walk

Winter Tree Identification Activity

There’s an undeniable magic to winter. Whilst outwardly it looks like nature has wrapped itself up, tucked itself away and become bare and barren, in fact there is a huge amount going on beneath the surface. I’m not just talking about the bulbs that seem to be springing up in …

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