Funky Giraffe BibHere at Baby Routes we are always very keen to see new products that might help with getting out and about and enjoying the great outdoors.

This week the lovely people at Funky Giraffe sent us some snazzy bibs to try out which hopefully will come in handy for outdoor picnics and as dribble/chew stoppers over outdoor layers. With so many different designs I’m fairly confident they will look more presentable for public outings than the standard flannel ones or a muslin and be more practical than the full plastic cover-ups for covering up outer layers (seriously – she looks like some kind of sumo baby when we wrestle her into a plastic bib on outdoor food stops at the moment)! Only time will tell though!

We’ve already been busy putting them through their paces although the weather is yet to improve enough to test them out for outdoor picnics. We have been out and about in the garden and using them for dinner time though and here is a sneak preview of Roo modelling one of them whilst helping me with the gardening!

I’ll be writing up a review of the Funky Giraffe bibs in a couple of weeks time once we’ve had a chance to quite literally throw everything at them, so check back then to see how we get on.

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