A brand new pair of tiny feet!

Baby Feet

If you are wondering why things have gone a bit quiet again this week on Baby Routes it is I assure you for a very good reason!

I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new and very tiny pair of feet to our family and future Baby Routes walking expeditions. Our little girl arrived on Valentine’s Day – appropriately after a spot of power walking earlier in the day, albeit only to the local shop and back and we are all home, happy and healthy! It is hard to believe that our new daughter is a week old already!

Don’t worry though – whilst we might not be up and about quite yet, our latest sling to try out is in the post to us and as soon as baby is strong enough, we are all well slept enough (!!) and I am up and about on my feet properly again we will be heading back out that door to relearn the world of walking with a newborn, this time at a toddler pace since my 2 year old will be leading the pack! Until then, we will be doing lots of walking round and round the house I expect with our new arrival at odd hours of the day and night – so apologies in advance for any tired and nonsensical posts that may appear in the early hours of the morning…!

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