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An overview of different designated walking trails, mainly in the UK.

Weekend Ramblings: One stroller and two National Trails

Barbury Castle, Ridgeway, Wiltshire

This weekend the sunshine returned and it seemed like a good time to continue with our Ridgeway National Trail challenge. For those who missed the last instalment, we have decided to attempt to complete all 139km of this ancient upland path over the course of the summer and autumn in family-friendly chunks.

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Giant stones and a National Trail

Avebury stone circle with kids, Wiltshire

My daughter is currently obsessed with stones. It started innocently enough with her digging up the gravel outside our backdoor. Since then, it has developed into an all-consuming passion for rock that leaves me packing an overnight bag at the sight of a gravel car park and I have never muttered so many …

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Shakespeare’s Way

‘…a turn or two I’ll walk,

to still my beating mind’

(Prospero in the Tempest, Act 4, Scene 1)

Even William Shakespeare appreciated the benefits of a good walk. What more appropriate way could you find to mark William Shakespeare’s birthday than a walk along part …

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