How to escape London with children: Baby Routes interview for London Hiker

'Working from home'...

‘Working from home’…

Up until the weekend just gone, the last  couple of weeks have passed in a bit of a fog and been very quiet on the walking front here at Baby Routes. My daughter (and the rest of us) have had flu and as if that wasn’t enough, she decided to throw in croup as well and an ambulance trip to A&E…all in all, not the best time to go walking! So instead of hitting the hills I have spent most days snuggled up on the sofa with a sleepy, grizzly baby and reading about the those hills instead.

Luckily, I was pleased to be invited by London Hiker to share some ideas on how to escape London to go hiking with children -a much needed relief from wildlife documentaries on loop and CBeebies! is a fab website that helps frustrated London hikers out with some great ideas and tips on escaping the big smoke by public transport for wild weekends in the UK’s hills and mountains.  If you’ve not come across it already, you should check it out.

So after busying away on the interview with the baby, cat and computer balanced precariously on my lap and pondering the best advice and tips for London hiking parents wanting to make a weekend dash for the hills with their little ones in tow, I felt a little better about the fact I hadn’t had the energy to change out my PJs yet! What’s more, deliberating over tips, anecdotes and past trips got the ideas flowing for future trips…my notebook is overflowing now as a result. Now all I need is a well baby – roll on spring please!

You can read my interview with London Hiker  – ‘How to escape London with children’ here. 

Let me know what you think and your tried and tested tips for getting away for the weekend with the kids. 

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