Happy New Year!

Baby Routes trig point

Happy New Year to you all!

We have had a wonderful festive period in the Baby Routes household and even managed to slip in a very muddy but view-tastic New Year’s Day family walk back in the ever-beautiful Chew Valley, including a hike up to our first trig point of the year!

As usual, those quiet days between Christmas and New Year have given plenty of food for thought and time to start brewing new adventures. This will be Roo’s last year before she starts school in September and we plan to cram it full with visiting as much of our beautiful island as we possibly can. Whilst we won’t be passing up the chance to get overseas when possible, I’d like to teach Roo and Beth all about what’s on offer here in the UK and to get to know and love our wild spaces. There are plenty I’m still yet to discover myself! It’s amazing how much little people soak in at this age and I live in hope that even if the girls find they need to keep up with the more popular culture interests of their friends at school they will always have an appreciation and fondness for the great outdoors.

As part of this itinerary I’m planning to get out and experience some great British wildlife events every month too. From the fantastic grey seals we saw in Norfolk in December to the Puffins of Pembrokeshire that Roo still talks about nearly two years on, our country offers some amazing opportunities to experience nature and I can’t wait to get cracking on this monthly project! In the mean time we will be cracking on with the usual walks and wildlife adventures and activities closer to home. We have already found a palmate newt and a froglet hibernating in the bamboo edging in the garden this year, Roo has got pitfall traps set out in the garden for insects, we made a visit yesterday to the wonderfully scenic Warburg Nature Reserve and as I type I’m watching two coal tits flitting about on the bird feeder outside my window and four grey squirrels unearthing my winter bulbs for what must be the tenth time already!

Luckily Father Christmas and some incredibly thoughtful relatives and friends have kick-started the New Year’s outdoor activities schedule. We are so fortunate to now have family membership to the RSPB, a bat box and detector, bird boxes, plenty of camping, hiking and nature kit and reading material, bug hunting kits and more. It’s going to be an active year!

As for now? Well, the Christmas decorations are packed away, we have hoovered up most of the chocolates and the girls have started back at nursery. There’s nothing left for it but for me to get writing again! Luckily there is still plenty of Christmas Cake left to keep us going through many month’s worth of outdoor adventures and walks. 2016 here we come!

What are your plans for 2016? Any big adventures planned or outdoorsy new year’s resolutions? I’d also love to hear your suggestions for the blog – the features you love, the ones you’d like more of or the things that don’t really do it for you. I’m all ears! Drop me a line by email or leave a few words in the comments – I’d love to hear what you think. 

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