How to Make Flower Pots from Old Wellies.

How to make flower pots from old wellies.

We do a lot of welly walks in our family and seem to get through them in record time. Just last month Beth and I both wore splits into our wellies and Roo’s became so well worn inside that the side was wearing away and giving her blisters. There was nothing for it but to replace three pairs of wellies at once…expensive!

Luckily at least that meant we could put our old wellies to good use and try out something I’ve been meaning to have a go at for a long time now – making flower pots out of our old wellies and adding some much needed colour to the dull January garden at the same time! Our small local garden centre is in decidedly off-season mode so there wasn’t a lot of choice for filling our wellies. In an ideal world I would have chosen slightly smaller plants or bulbs and gone for herbs or butterfly/bee friendly plants to bring some extra nature interest to the garden but there wasn’t so much as a heather to be had!

Take a look at our video to see how to make your own flower pots from old wellies – it’s very simple, quick and loads of fun for the kids. Our only problem is that Roo is now asking me when her trainers will be worn out enough to join the welly flower pot collection…



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  1. I love this – we’ve been meaning to make welly flowerpots for ages and this has reminded me to get on with it!

    1. It’s a fun way to brighten up the garden isn’t it? Especially in the gloom of these wintery days!

  2. I have been meaning to do something like this for a while but M still fits her first pair of wellies and F obviously doesn’t have any yet but would be a great keepsake. #countrykids

  3. We’ve been meaning to try this out for ages too, O goes through his wellies in weeks! We have some bulbs needing re-homes, so will maybe stick them in instead of waiting til later in the year. Your wellie pot collection looks gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. This is such a fun and incredible idea!!!! We’ve got some old wellies to recycle, what a fabulous way to re-use them.Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

  5. That is a lovely idea and I agree adds a nice splash of colour to these grey days.

    1. You can never have too much colour at this time of year!

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