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January walking

This week, whilst out on the regular potter with Roo and Baby Beth, I have also been doing some plotting. I’m not a great one for New Year’s resolutions of the traditional kind but I am quite fond of a challenge. This year I fancied something to help motivate me to get out of the door and active with the girls, not to mention attempt to drop the rest of that baby weight that is stubbornly hanging around nearly a year on. I love our walks but with two kiddies to organise and an increasingly busy family schedule of sport and music classes and nursery runs, coupled with the dark afternoons, sometimes we don’t get out quite as often as we used to when it was just me and Roo. That has to change in 2015!

To help spur me on, I’ve decided to start a bit of a personal challenge, My aim is to walk 1km for every day of the year – a total of 365km and as much as possible of it with the girls in tow. I’m not going to kid myself – there is no way, what with ear infections, teething and goodness knows what else to contend with, that we will get out for a walk every single day without fail, so the 365km is open to be completed whenever possible and in whatever sized chunks we can manage over the course of the year. If that means three 10km walks in one month, or longer, then so be it but the idea is to go for little and often. So long as we average around 30 km a month then we should stay on target. In theory, that should be child’s play though I already know from January’s progress review that it may not be quite that easy every month!

1km is not very far as a daily target – it is less than the distance to the local park, or our most regular field circuit and exactly the same length as the walk I often take when Roo wants to ride her balance bike. If you got one of those new-fangled pedometer thingummies for Christmas (I’m not jealous, honest) then I think that’s around 1300 steps, depending on your stride, of your recommended daily 10000. 1km on easy ground is around 15-20 minutes of walking/balance biking, or about 30- 40 minutes if you have a very mini-walker who likes to stop and poke things with sticks every 2 meters. 365km though is a lot more impressive. That’s like walking the distance between Reading and Arncliffe in the Yorkshire Dales, going via the Peaks, or about the distance you would cover to walk from Oxford to Truro in Cornwall. Not a bad target! Here’s what the #walkit365 virtual route from Reading to the Yorkshire Dales looks like…


Every good challenge calls for a progress chart…mine tells me I need to spend less time on the pc and more out walking!

Given that my resolution comes rather late in January, it has been a bit of a slow start for the #walkit365 challenge. We have mainly been for just very local walks and with the ground being pretty heavy going for little boots, we have traded walks for garden playtime on quite a few days. There have also been quite a lot of sick days and one recent incident involving a vomiting child which now means my smartphone which I use for tracking walks is out of action until I can get a replacement. Not an auspicious start!

I’m only counting proper walks or kid related outings as part of my target – walking in and out the shops in town doesn’t count but walking to the local park does.Neither am I including runs or other forms of non hiking outdoor ‘grown-up’ exercise I do alone. I am counting walks we do without one or other of the children being present (walks with no children at all seem to be a thing of a long distant past) but the idea is to get the girls outside enjoying nature the slow way and get them involved with as much of the #walkit365 challenge as possible. All-in-all, by my calculations we have only racked up a really quite pathetic 12km so far this month since starting the challenge. It’s going to be a busy end to the month and an even busier February!

Of our wanders so far though we have enjoyed some brilliant wintery outings with some gorgeous skies and enough mud to keep Roo happy and her boots quite often firmly wedged. The great thing about winter walking means not only fun and squelching. The bare branches also make spotting wildlife easier and we’ve had some lovely views of deer and of red kites sitting up in their perch in the top of the trees on the look-out for mice. The recent rain has also made for some beautiful waterscapes, with Roo loving the huge lakes that have sprung up in what is normally a field. The pics at the top of the page are all from our January outings so far.

To help plot our progress I’m going to be keeping a regular update on the blog and recording how we are getting on with the distance tracker in the sidebar of the front page. I will also be tracking our outdoor adventures on Instagram and Twitter using the #walkit365 hashtag. Do come and join in and see how far we can walk in a year together – you don’t have to go the whole way or you can double the distance and head for Scotland, it’s up to you. It’d be fun to see where everyone walks to, virtually speaking, throughout the year. I’m going to make it as far as Bakewell at the very least for some more of their excellent pudding!

I’m joining in with the #CountryKids linky  – we will be checking back in with again regularly I’m sure with updates on our #walkit365 adventures and maybe some of you will join me for the hike?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Love this idea! Once spring arrives and we start walking to and from school again, we’ll manage 2-4 miles a day, depending on whether we make it out the door in time in the mornings or not (!), but at the moment walking is tricky… you can only spend so long outside when it’s -10C really… It is one of my favourite things to do though, and once the weather is better we’ll be back to walking 🙂 #CountryKids

  2. Great idea, may have to join in with this one. My daughter (12) is walking 18 miles with the scouts in a couple of weeks and I have offered to be a helper and walk to. Slightly worried that neither of us have walked much over the winter! #countrykids

    1. Sure it will be fine. 18 miles is a good distance! Anywhere fun? Do please join in – be good to have company to help with the motivation.

  3. I love this idea, so simple yet so clever, I think you might just smash your target. I like that it is realistic and gives you flexibility too witht he girls. I look forward to seeing how you are getting on through Country Kids updates and hope others join your challenge too. I always try to do something each day outside too, falling back to the Coombe Mill Gym on those really grim days.

    1. Here’s hoping I manage it! Always seems difficult in January but in theory it should be super-easy! Yes – a dose of fresh air always makes the day go better. Nice ot have a gym to fall back on though!! 🙂

  4. Love this idea. I got a fitbit at the new year so im trying to average 10k steps a day.

    1. How do you find the fitbit? I really fancied one of the pedometer gadgets. Do join in with it – need all the company and motivation I can get to bring in those winter miles!

  5. Wow an amazing goal! And having 2 kids in tows made this some level harder! Goodluck and will look forward to reading about your progress here =) #countrykids

    1. Thanks! Hoping lots of little regular outings rather than saving it up for a longer one every week or so will up Roo’s stamina little bit by bit and my fitness too! I’ll keep you posted how it goes!

  6. What a great challenge to set yourself, during my first few years as a Mum I could easily have done this as we walked for miles and miles every day but with each added Bean and the start of the school years. Good luck 🙂 #CountryKids

    1. It definitely gets harder as they get older and new siblings arrive doesn’t it? Winter is hardest of all with the short days and so much to cram into them. Nothing beats a good blast outside though. 🙂

  7. How are you tracking the amount you have walked. are you entering it into a database?

    1. Yes – for now it’s just getting stuck into a good old fashioned spreadsheet. I use Viewranger or one of the free running apps to track a walk distance when I’m out and about then log it when I get back. There are loads of community walking/exercise sites out there though to do this automatically though. Are you joining in?

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