Kit Review: Mummitroll Rain Suits by Tiny Trolls of Norway


Tiny Trolls of Norway Rain Suit Review

Sometimes the weather puts up a barrier to just simply opening the door and getting out there. A physical barrier that, fortunately, is usually easily removed by putting on the right layers or protective clothing. 

When it comes to hiking, we are fairly well practiced at finding the right kit to get us out in all weathers. There are still some aspects of outdoor life that give me that resigned, sinking feeling in my stomach. One example is when we visit the local park after wet weather. , 

‘Can we go in the sandpit please Mummy?’

It’s a question that fills me with quiet dread. I’m not precious about my kids’ everyday clothes. OK, so now I’ve got three small children I admit to thinking twice about the laundry impact but on the whole I’m fairly relaxed about them quite literally getting stuck into nature.

Testing out the Tiny Trolls of Norway rain suits!

In the dreaded sandpit…

The sandpit is another matter. We all know sand gets into every crease of skin,hair and clothes alike. Wet sand is a whole new level of grainy and scratchy. Damp, itchy children are really not fun walking companions on the way back from the park. As soon as the sandpit has done its work, that’s usually the end of a hitherto happy outing.

A cold, soggy ending to any outdoor adventure also risks reluctance for future outdoor forays in inclement weather. The same goes for watering the garden with a hosepipe in anything less than balmy summer conditions or over-enthusiastic puddle jumping. All these things are the best fun for little people though. 

My conclusion? The wrong clothes. 

About Tiny Trolls of Norway

Tiny Trolls of Norway are inspired by the weather-impervious attitude of Scandinavian families to outdoor living. With 25 years of experience in children’s daycare, Tiny Trolls of Norway are expertly placed to know exactly what it takes to get kids playing happily outside, whatever the weather. As the tags that come with their clothing reads, ‘children + outdoors = fun‘. I couldn’t agree more. Although I would argue the same applies to us adults too!

Testing out the Tiny Trolls of Norway rain suits!

Making casts of deer tracks in a very cold and muddy field.


When Tiny Trolls of Norway sent us their Mummitroll two piece rain suits to test on our outdoor adventures, it was a bit of a wake-up call. We’ve used all-in-one suits in the past but never a dungaree and coat combo. I don’t know why not. 

The Mummitroll Rain Suits are a practical design. The high finish stops water, sand or anything else sneaking in at waist level. Kids can literally sit in the mud and emerge from their suits unscathed. For independent dressers climbing into the dungaree suit is easier than tackling the fiddly zips and padding on an all-in-one suit. At 5 and 3, Roo and Beth are both manage with minimal adult assistance. As  a direct result they now go out more often in inclement weather on those short forays whilst supper is cooking. Less effort = more outdoor time.

Tiny Trolls of Norway Rain Suit Review

Muddy ice breaking!

The two piece design takes you through the seasons. Our rain suits have been on frosty walks, ice-breaking puddle jumping and crawled through the dew ridden grass of spring. We continue to use them in summer for everything from gardening to rockpooling. The loose fit means you simply layer as much or as little as required underneath. We often use either coats or dungarees as standalone pieces. 

Testing out the Tiny Trolls of Norway rain suits!

Layering the dungarees with a fleece top for a breezy summer Scottish coastal wander.

The adjustable shoulder elastic caters for rapidly growing children – a big bonus in our house, where they regularly seem to wake up in the morning several inches taller! 

The Mummitroll rain suit is made from 100% PU making it completely waterproof and windproof. There are silicone foot stirrups to go over boots to keep the trousers from riding up and protecting wellie socks from puddle related floods. We have tested this feature in many, many puddles. So far, so dry!

Sleeves and ankles are elasticated and the suit is lined in a soft tricot giving the shell warmth and comfort. The suit is robust and low-maintenance, although heavier than the outer shell clothing we use on our hikes. 

At £69, the Mummitroll rain suit by Tiny Trolls of Norway is not cheap but it is comparable with other good quality kids outdoor wear out there. I am confident that it will stand the test of time and many muddy puddles too, so in a unisex colour you could easily make it last through the whole family and still be in good enough to wear to share. 

Colours and comfort

We have taken the Mummitroll rain suits on pretty much every kind of outing. They have withstood the most energetic puddle-jumping, shinned up trees and over high stiles, been crawled, rolled and leapt in and most importantly of all, escaped a very soggy sandpit with the wearer entirely free from damp, sandy bottoms!

The only time they have met their match was on a summer morning hike in the Forest of Bowland. The girls set off in their dungarees to protect their trousers from the very wet, long grass. By the time the sun had crept up they did get a bit hot and sweaty.

Testing out the Tiny Trolls of Norway rain suits!

Testing the flex with some tree climbing.

I think that for summer hikes, a lighter, more breathable and easily stowable bottom layer would still be my first choice. For short walks and general outdoor play the rain suit is our number one choice. 

Beth’s rose pink rain suit was a fairly conventional choice but suits her. Roo’s aubergine suit was a little bit different and hides the dirt brilliantly. There are some other fun colours (I love the pale blue and grey one) available. The Tiny Trolls logo makes a fun contrast to the block colour. Reflective stripes add extra detail with a safety bonus for those dusky evenings.

Testing out the Tiny Trolls of Norway rain suits!

I did love the way you could mix and match accessories to coordinate with the suits. Beth and Roo regularly swap their neck warmers (these are amazing!) and beanies depending on how ‘matchy-matchy’ they are feeling. 

Final thoughts

Having used the Mummitroll rain suits extensively for several months now I can confidently say that they are built to last. They are durable yet flexible enough to permit freedom to hang off climbing frames, balance bike and leap across boulders on a rocky beach. The elastic and fastenings have remained firmly intact and both suits still fit well despite Beth having shot up since winter.

Testing out the Tiny Trolls of Norway rain suits!

Playing cats with the long-suffering cat!

Best of all? The whole ensemble is incredibly easy to wipe down. It can be machine washed. However you rarely have to do this. A warm cloth wipe-down as they children come in from their mud-hopping is all it takes before they derobe to their dirt-free clothes beneath. It has been a double win for our poor overworked washing machine! 

The result? Nagging Mummy has been banished. Tunneling to Australia in wet sand? Absolutely. Playing wallowing hippos? Go right ahead. Jumping with complete and utter abandon in that small lake masquerading as a puddle? Is that really the biggest splash you can make?!

Just be a dear and fetch your rain suit first…


For more information or to purchase products by Tiny Trolls of Norway please visit their website.

Readers should be aware that we were sent the rain suits, neck warmers and hats for the purpose of this review. All writing, opinions and secret adult muddy puddle jumping ambitions remain as always entirely mine. 



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