MADs final day for nominations – here’s a ditty to celebrate!

MAD Blog AwardsMany an hour I’ve whiled away,
At keyboard and screen typing furiously away,
Divulging adventures of our family at play.

But out in the wood, on hill and in field,
Little one riding behind me in style,
Our spirits are free, adventure we wield,
Gladly we answer the call of the wild.

And so in these secret and beautiful places,
We travel together through childhood’s phases,
And though my child may be baby no more,
Reader, we invite you our paths to explore,
Discover together nature’s great treasures,
Share with your own these simple outdoor pleasures.

It’s the last day of nominations for the MAD Blog Awards and I’ve gone giddy and written a daft ditty to mark the occasion! The MADs celebrate the best of parenting blogs on the web and I’m thrilled that Baby Routes has been nominated this year for the first time! For me, it is a privilege to combine my love of writing with my passion for all things outdoors. I feel very lucky to be able to combine exploring the wilds with my toddler daughter with sharing our adventures and family friendly walking routes with other outdoor parents here online and Baby Routes’ inclusion in the list of nominees for the MADs is a great honour – many thanks to those who have voted!

Nominations for the MAD Blog Awards are open until midnight tonight (18th February) and you can vote here. The blogs with the most votes will be shortlisted in the next week or so. If you have a spare minute, enjoy Baby Routes and would like to nominate me for Best Family Fun Blog, Best Travel Blog or any other category you see fit I certainly won’t discourage you and would be very appreciative!




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