Outdoor office

Baby playing in the flowers in the garden

Playing in the garden

After weeks of rain it seems like summer is finally here. It was with astonishment and no small amount of jubilation that I logged on to Baby Routes one morning to find the Met Office weather forecast beaming out not one, not two, but five whole, round, bright, glorious, yellow sunshines on the five day forecast! Before you could say flash my flip flops were out the cupboard, the baby was doused in generous amounts of sun cream and with a large pimms in one hand and the laptop in the other I was out in that garden before you could stop me!

Playing outdoors

It's outdoor office time!

For when I’m not walking, sunshine in my mind means outdoor office time and I’ve been waiting all winter for this opportunity. The patio table has been relocated on the grass under the tree, the birds are singing (a little too loudly at times…), baby is on a blanket on the grass, playing by my side and the internet connection is just about hanging on by a thread (or bar, or zap through the air). Even the cat has slunk out to snooze on baby’s blanket in the dappled shade. Perfect.

Now I just need to do some work!

Where would you set-up your ideal outdoor office? I’d love to hear where you would (or are) take the day job if you could work outside.


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    • Emma on May 23, 2012 at 23:06
    • Reply

    Love your blog Kate! I just wish I lived closer to do some of those great walks. And your baby is gorgeousxxxx

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