A murmuration of starlings: a great natural British spectacle at Shapwick Heath

A starling sunset spectacular - murmuration of starlings at sunset on the Somerset Levels

The sun is sinking over Natural England ‘s Shapwick Heath reserve on a gloriously sunny and crisp January day, tinging the sky with fiery colours and deflecting them down onto the watery glass of the rhyne* below. A hushed huddle of people, bundled up in their winter warmers, stare skyward, watching the growing …

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RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch is this weekend!

Woodpecker and blue tit on feeder in snow

It’s that time of year again when you need to grab a pen and paper and take a pew for an hour at your local park or by a window overlooking your garden. If you’re looking for a nature friendly winter activity for your kids then this is perfect and even better, you get to …

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Holidays when pregnant: Babymoon in Cuba!

Che Guevara, Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

I’ve been meaning to write about Cuba as a ‘ babymoon ‘ destination for a while but never quite got round to it. With slushy melting snow outside and a poorly baby asleep on me,, now seems like a good time, so here goes. It turns out that we did quite a lot …

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Jumping deer in the snow

It’s that time of the year…the whole country (particularly the tabloids) get wildly over-excited about the white stuff making its brief annual appearance! I am not any different, tending towards the big kid excited end of the spectrum. Today it’s been snowing most of the morning and early afternoon and although there is …

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Ten top tips for travelling in London with a pushchair.

Travelling across London with children - photo of baby in carrier at train station.

Crossing London with a pushchair is many parents’ idea of a nightmare. Having previously worked at a busy mainline London station and seen many a frazzled parent emerging from tube, train and bus, I knew first hand even before my daughter arrived just what a challenge crossing London with a baby can be.

Travelling across …

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Ten top tips for winter walks with babies and young children.

Baby in rucksack on a winter walk

A winter walk always presents additional challenges – it is darker, colder and tends to stay wet underfoot for longer than the summer months and walking with a baby or toddler adds in a whole new set of considerations.

Last year my daughter was so tiny I rarely took her out for a winter walk …

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Happy 2013 from Baby Routes!

photo of baby having a picnic

Having seen out 2012 in wet and boggy style, 1st January 2013 dawned bright and optimistic here, with an abundance of welcome January sunshine.

With such inviting weather, what better way to welcome in the New Year and gently remind that extra Christmas wobble it isn’t here to stay than by hitting the hills? We packed …

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M4 Motorway Scenic Stops & Leg Stretchers

Dyrham Park, near J18, M4.

The M4 motorway connects London to South Wales and calls past major cities of Reading, Swindon, Newport and Bristol along the way. Gateway to the south-west, the M4 is the familiar friend (or foe) of the first stage of families heading from the capital for the beaches of Devon & Cornwall or for the beautiful …

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Ten top tips for long car journeys with babies & young children

Image of baby in car on long car journey

We recently took our 7 month year old on her first trip to Scotland. Trains and planes were ridiculously expensive so having recently purchased a very sensible estate car that we reckoned would just about squeeze all her baby gubbins in, we decided to drive. From the south of England. For eight hours.

The summer …

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Mums on the run: jogging and running with a baby.

Jogging along the Thames Path with baby in a Mountain Buggy Terrain Running Pushchair

When I was pregnant I once saw a lady running with a pushchair who had missed the bus. She was careering along the pavement at top rate hoping to catch it up. She had missed it by quite a way really as said bus was nowhere in sight. She had obviously also expected to miss …

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