SPIbelt running belt review

Empty SPIbelt in blue.

This review is of the SPIbelt running belt  – a brilliant piece of kit for not just runners but cyclists, hikers, backpackers or anyone leaving the house or car without the luxury of handbags, copious pocket space for personal items or who needs to discreetly store personal items such as mobile phones and wallets.

About …

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A tale of two county tops and one marilyn – the journey so far!

Baby first trig point, White Horse Uffington

This week my baby daughter is eight months old. It seems a lifetime ago that she was a tiny bundle of baby in the front of my sling, with her head tucked down so far beneath its top fold on walks that I felt I had to keep checking her every 30 seconds. These days …

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One of those (non-walking) weeks…

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Not since before I went on maternity leave have I relished the marking of the end of a week with such enthusiasm. For this week has been a shocker and I can’t wait to reach the 7 day mark in the hope that things will perk up next week!

Why? Well those …

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History,mystery and magic: enchant your children at Glastonbury

View of Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Tor circular walk

Any self respecting teenager (and many a Mum and Dad) will associate Glastonbury with the famous music festival. The town is better known the rest of the year however for the centuries of history and clouds of mystery that shroud its ancient land and ruins and which will provide the perfect place to take your …

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Easy patriotic jubilee fairy cakes

It’s Friday and that means a break from walking and a cooking day for all the jubilee fun and frolics happening over the weekend. Looking for something super easy to make last night but still patriotic I came up with St. George’s flag iced fairy cakes. They would work equally well for the Euro 2012 …

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Great White Egrets at Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels.

Shapwick National Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels

Great Scott – it’s a Great White Egret!

Natural England’s Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, near Glastonbury, on the Somerset Levels is abuzz with excitement. For amongst the reeds and rushes of this watery avian paradise in the West Country, Great White Egrets are nesting for the very first time on record in the UK.

Great white …

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Jubilee Picnic Food Recipe Ideas

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration weekend just a week away, preparations for the festivities are hotting up. The bunting is being put up by a group of neighbours in our street as I type and it’s got me thinking about which typically British culinary offerings I will be bringing to the party next week …

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Outdoor office

Playing outdoors

After weeks of rain it seems like summer is finally here. It was with astonishment and no small amount of jubilation that I logged on to Baby Routes one morning to find the Met Office weather forecast beaming out not one, not two, but five whole, round, bright, glorious, yellow sunshines on the five day forecast! Before …

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Diamond Jubilee – 5 ideas to celebrate the jubilee outside

The Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate this historic and intrinsically British moment with your children and friends than in the beautiful outdoors of our green and pleasant land? And it is particularly green at the moment given all the rain we have had recently!

Below are a few ideas …

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Which map? How to choose the right Ordnance Survey (OS) Map for your walk.

The walk location is decided, you know how long you want to be out for and you’ve brushed up on your map reading skills. It’s time to get a map and plot the route. In the UK this means using an Ordnance Survey map which shows all the footpaths, features and topographic detail you will …

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