Weekend Walk: Basildon Park

Basildon Park is an impressive National Trust run Georgian mansion and estate near Reading and is perfect for weekend walking with baby.  You can explore the grand 18th century mansion with any budding young historians, with the house painstakingly restored to its former glory by Lord and Lady Iliffe in the 1950s or simply relax …

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Weekend Walk: Burnham Beeches

What better way to welcome the weekend and the return of some brighter weather than a walk in the woods just as the trees are springing into life with that glorious green of spring and new life? Burnham Beeches, located on the Buckinghamshire/Berkshire border not far from Slough, is a National Nature Reserve and home …

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Garden Birds

Green Woodpecker in garden

It is that time of year when the cacophony of the garden birds ‘ dawn chorus rouses even the deepest of sleepers rudely from slumber just as the sun begins to creep up over the horizon. Even the city garden birds put on a good song but in the garden here a morning singsong seems …

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Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit review

Baby modelling Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit

Bored of rainy days stopping us getting out and about, the waterproof Spotty Otter splashsuit was the first waterproof all-in-one I bought for my daughter. It has so far proved invaluable on rainy and windy walks, removing the need for any additional waterproof rain protection unless blowing directly into her face.

The fleece lining makes …

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Shakespeare’s Way

‘…a turn or two I’ll walk,

to still my beating mind’

(Prospero in the Tempest, Act 4, Scene 1)

Even William Shakespeare appreciated the benefits of a good walk. What more appropriate way could you find to mark William Shakespeare’s birthday than a walk along part …

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Free National Trust entry this weekend – 21st/22nd April

Just a quick post as this is an opportunity too good to miss! If you’re not already a member of the National Trust and at a loose end this weekend, why not take your family to your local National Trust property or estate. If you take along a voucher from the National Trust website you …

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Mamas and Papas Sola Review

Mamas and Papas Sola pushchair

First of the pushchairs to be reviewed on Baby Routes, the Mamas and Papas Sola is a realiable and compact lightweight buggy, perfect for walking on footpaths with good surfaces and in-town manoeuvring. We bought this as a our main pushchair on the principle that we would always prefer to use a baby carrier or …

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Poo bags!

Ok – admittedly talking about poo is something that new parents unexpectedly find themselves able to hold forth on with surprising eloquence and enthusiasm. Some would even excel if selecting it as their specialist subject on Mastermind! Today however I am not talking about baby poo but dog poo – the menace of our footpaths and hazard …

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Updating walks

The walks and this site are constantly being updated and improved as I find better ways of doing things and new walks to share. The latest change sees the addition of Ordnance Survey OpenSpace maps on the walks details as well as google maps to help with directions to get you to the start of …

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Map reading and countryside access

Map reading in the Lake District

Map reading – a dying art? So several articles I found recently on the web would have it. The advent of SatNav systems and beloved SIRI on our iPhones means we no longer rely on map reading and the art of paper and symbols to understand how to get from A to B and are …

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