Photo Friday – the multi-tasking man!

As mums we often think of ourselves as the ultimate multi-tasking machine and it is always being drummed into us that women are better at multitasking than men. It’s in our genes you know… Still, I often wonder if that’s so true for me or if perhaps I’m just wearing the wrong jeans! There’s many a moment when I find myself struggling to complete just two tasks at once and it’s usually me, not my husband, who is to be found returning to the house for the fifth time after attempting to leave because now that I’ve finally remembered everything for the baby I’ve just realised everything I’ve forgotten for me…. As if to push the point home, I came across the photo whilst rummaging through the archives. It’s an absolute favourite of mine of my husband and our daughter chilling by the Thames and sums up that dads are pretty good at balancing babies with other tasks too (if not better in my case)!┬áMy only consolation is that rather than an important business call, he was on the phone to his Mum at the time!


Multi-tasking Dad


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