Photo Friday: Tri Baby

Not only is it Friday but it’s also new 220 Triathlon magazine Friday – meaning Daddy and Roo are both very excited! Quite how a 16 month old can be this enthusiastic about all things triathlons already is beyond me – yes, as her dad points out, she can now swim (held up), bike (in a kids seat) and run (very slowly & usually falling over) but she’s got a way to go yet. This had me hunting out a photo from 6 months back when she couldn’t even walk, let alone run but managed to pick out the aptly named ‘Can’t swim,ride, run’ from our bookshelf for a bit of light bedtime reading…makes me giggle every time!

Sadly, judging by the ‘kid in sweety shop’ look on both their faces below whilst admiring a pair of fancy bike wheels, we are in for several months, if not years of eating bargain basement baked beans…thanks a lot 220 Triathlon!

Like father, like daughter...and those bike wheels look expensive.220 Triathlon magazine reading with kid

Like father, like daughter…and those bike wheels look expensive.

Reading 220 Triathlon Magazine

Daddy's girl - inspired to do a half-ironman at a very early age!

Start ’em young…Roo celebrating her dad finishing Henley Half Ironman

Baby reading can't walk, cycle run

Roo picking up tips from an aptly named book on triathlon (she picked this book out of the bookshelf unprompted – honest!)



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