RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch is this weekend!

Woodpecker and blue tit on feeder in snow

Feeding frenzy at the bird table!

It’s that time of year again when you need to grab a pen and paper and take a pew for an hour at your local park or by a window overlooking your garden. If you’re looking for a nature friendly winter activity for your kids then this is perfect and even better, you get to relax with a coffee in peace for an hour!

The Big Garden Bird watch is run annually by the RSPB to gain an overview of how our British garden birds are doing and to plot  trends in the most common birds and population numbers. It uses data gathered by volunteers like you from all over the UK over the course of one weekend, so it’s really important you take part. Running the survey in the winter also means that its easier to spot our feathered garden visitors as they will be looking for food to get them through the winter.

All the instructions can be found on the RSPB website but it is basically a case of count the maximum amount of each bird landing in your garden  during the hour then fill in the online form to record your findings! Easy peasy!  They also have bird identification sheets you can print off and all manner of information to inspire young ornithologist.

Ready? Then set aside an hour on Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th January 2013 and get counting!




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