It’s that time of the year…the whole country (particularly the tabloids) get wildly over-excited about the white stuff making its brief annual appearance! I am not any different, tending towards the big kid excited end of the spectrum. Today it’s been snowing most of the morning and early afternoon and although there is not much of it, staring out into the winterscape that is the garden has made for a pleasant background to my home office.

Photo of pheasant in the snow

Phineas the Pheasant on the scrounge.

For me, the joy of snow lies in its muffling silence  – its ability to transform the grey and mundane colours of winter into a sparkling, magical carpet of glittering white. As a walker, there is something almost fairy-tale like about being the first to make a path across a field of crisp snow and to experience the detachment and isolation this temporary screen provides from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Woodpecker and blue tit on feeder in snow

Feeding frenzy at the bird table!

It’s also a great time to watch wildlife. Here today the pheasant has come scrounging back again for seed spilled by the other birds, his plumage even more vibrant against the white and the bird table has been a frenzy of activity as the birds seek easy, exposed food sources.

Winter walk with a baby in a carrier

Winter walks with baby.

Because it is snow time and because I love it, here are some of my favourite photos taken from snowy days and walks through the last few years. Happy snow day to you all!


Jumping deer in the snow

Snow makes spotting wildlife a lot easier. This photo was taken on a winter walk from our house.

Snowy sunset landscape in Binfield Heath, Oxfordshire

Taken on a winter walk in Oxfordshire at sunset.

Red Kite cruising through a snowy, winter sky.

Snow and winter skies make a great time to photograph the glorious red kite. I was particularly proud of this shot!

Australian mist kitten in the snow

Couldn’t resist – first time the kittens saw snow!


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