Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit review

Baby modelling Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit

Spotty Otter splashsuit in red

Bored of rainy days stopping us getting out and about, the waterproof Spotty Otter splashsuit was the first waterproof all-in-one I bought for my daughter. It has so far proved invaluable on rainy and windy walks, removing the need for any additional waterproof rain protection unless blowing directly into her face.

The fleece lining makes this a super snug suit equally at home hill walking, puddle splashing or waterproof fun in the snow and I can see it being invaluable even in the height of summer if attempting more exposed hill walks with baby on the back.

About the Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit

Spotty Otter specialise in making quality outdoor kit for kids and have a range of functional clothing aimed at getting little ones out in the fresh air no matter what the weather. This review looks at the Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit – an all-in-one waterproof splashsuit with hood perfect for puddle jumping!

The Spotty Otter splashsuit consists of a waterproof and windproof outer layer made from 100% nylon durable textured face fabric with a durable water repellent finish (DWR) and an inner fleece made from 100% polyester. This is a splashsuit that feels robust and good quality, although perhaps because of the heavy duty material it does seem a little stiff for babies and tiny tots whose smaller legs and arms do seem to compete with the splashsuit for dominance! If you want reassurance though that baby is wrapped up snug and dry against the elements when out for a winter walk then you can’t argue with the Spotty Otter splashsuit.

The splashsuits are available for babies of 7.5 kg, up through to 4 year old children of around 17kg or 90cm tall. Sizes are 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2years, 2-3 years and 3-4 years. Do be sure to check the size guide available at the Spotty Otter website though as their clothes are fairly generous for the ages listed and you would be better advised to work off the weight and height measurements in the size chart for a more accurate fit. At 6 months, my daughter is a fairly average weight of just over 8 kg and although she fits into the 6-12 months splashsuit, it is still a bit big and stiff on her. There is certainly plenty of growing room!

Wearability and comfort

As mentioned above, you need to get the right size particularly for babies and tiny tots, in order to make sure that the wearer has maximum movement and flexibility when in the splashsuit. However aside from that, the Spotty Otter waterproof splashsuit is very easy to put on even the wriggliest baby. It has two full length zips on either side of the front body panel which allow you to lie a baby into the suit rather than having to wriggle baby into it. The zips are good quality and sturdy meaning you can also open them slighty at the top for a bit of between rain showers ventilation on a warmer day without the whole splashsuit peeling off. Wrist and ankle cuffs are well-fitted with velcro adjusters helping to prevent any drips from sneaking inside and the hood is adjustable and features a large peak which stops rain from dripping or falling onto baby’s face. The splashsuit is breathable, preventing baby from getting too clammy and has plenty of wriggle room allowing for movement and puddle jumping maximisation!

The first two smallest sizes come with integrated waterproof mitts and feet meaning no need for miniature wellies or other waterproof accessories, avoiding baby sock and mitten houdinis (how is it possible for such small people to lose so many socks?!) and ensuring baby stays snug as a bug in a rug on those wet and windy winter walks.

The Spotty Otter splashsuit is lined with a polyester fleece lining which is soft and perfect for keeping baby or little one warm on chilly days or against biting winds. The suit does also come without lining for a summer version but is not reviewed here. My only caution is that because it is so snuggly, you do need to make sure that you only put the splashsuit on when about to leave the house/car and that you haven’t over dressed baby before putting the suit on, as it would be easy for baby to overheat on milder days.

Overall this is a great waterproof splashsuit for comfort – just check your size and go steady on layers in milder weather.


The Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit is machine washable at maximum 40 degrees celsius. As the splashsuit is made from specialist material coated with a durable water repellant finish it is advised that a special washing agent for waterproof items is used, with the Spotty Otter website recommendin Nikwax Tech Wash. Fabric conditioners must never be used and normal washing liquid is discouraged as it will wear down the waterproof layer faster. Before worrying about this too much though, be reassured that any good quality waterproof clothing would require the same level of care and it isn’t actually as complicated as it sounds! Waterproof properties can also be restored to the greater extent by wash in products should disaster strike and the splashsuit get in with an ordinary wash by mistake. Full care details can be found on the Spotty Otter website here.

In terms of durability, the Spotty Otter waterproof splashsuit is made from a heavy duty nylon outer that feels tough enough to resist most normal wear and tear subjected to it by little adventurers! The knees are reinforced with durable knee pads and the splashsuit seams are fully taped.

double zips allow front opening on spotty otter splashsuit

Double zips allow access and use the back of the suit for outdoor nappy changes.

The two side zips on the front of the suit are also particularly handy for waterproof outdoor nappy changes. If you are skilled at a minimum fuss swift change then you can get upper body free to change whilst still lying baby on the waterproof back of the splashsuit and without taking it completely off.The only downside is that the zips don’t open up the suit in both directions meaning that if you are changing baby in the wet or windy conditions baby’s torso will be exposed and need alternative shelter, though the hood can stay on.


More cute than top fashion, the Spotty Otter splashsuit looks and feels like a quality outdoor piece of clothing in a sleek and simple modern design. The splashsuit comes in three choices of bright and chirpy colours of red, blue and pink.


At rrp of £60 the Spotty Otter waterproof fleece-lined splashsuit is not something you will want your child growing out of in a hurry and whilst the splashsuit price does reflect the quality of materials and finish, does like so much baby clothing seem expensive given the size of the item! The suit can be found for less from some stockists so it is worth shopping around and there are some good end of season deals to be had. At time of writing there did not seem to be a lot of these splashsuits available second hand on ebay but of those there were, the going price seemed to be around £20 -£30.

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