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Wildlife Wednesday: 30 Days Wild Challenge – Days 1 to 7

Identifying Swiss wild flowers - 30 Days Wild

We are now one week in to our 30 Days Wild challenge. It’s been a busy time, not least because those seven days have spanned being on and returning from holiday and getting back to normal routines again, all of which has left relatively little time for extra things.

Still, as …

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30 Days Wild Challenge: Nature Mobiles and Nature Books

30 Days Wild, Nature Note-Book

It’s the 1st June and that means one thing – the very first day of the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge, with its aim to get us all outside enjoying nature in whatever way we can for every day of the month to come. We will be blogging about …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Nature Naps & A Moment of Calm

Oak tree canopy, #30dayswild nature naps and rain shelters

Last Friday, before the day had even truly begun, the girls decided to redefine the ‘wild’ in 30 Days Wild challenge we are currently taking part in. Having spent much of the morning squabbling when not involved in some very noisy indoor game, it was time to calm things down a bit. Beth was packed …

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30 Days Wild – Days 11: In amongst the Nettles

#30dayswild, nettles

So I’ve failed completely on the daily blogging side of the #30DaysWild challenge but fortunately not been broken yet on the challenge itself. The last five days have been busy ones but fortunately not without their wild moments. Inspired by all the nettle action going on on BBC Springwatch, I decided to take Roo …

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30 Days Wild Challenge – Day 10: Nature Colours Scavenger Hunt

#30dayswild, nature colours scavenger hunt for toddlers

Roo and Beth were at nursery all day yesterday. That meant a work day for me and little time to get out exploring. Fortunately, nature came to me. All day long I was entertained from my study desk by the great tit chicks on the bird table. One in particular was very cheeky. It has …

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Wildlife Wednesday: 15 Great Apps for Nature Loving Families

15 Great Apps for Nature Loving Families

Since becoming a parent I have definitely noticed I am paying more attention to nature. Having someone to share it all with, to watch as their eyes light up at some tiny thing I have been taking for granted is like rediscovering the natural world all over again. The there …

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30 Days Wild- Day 8: Making maps

making maps, #30dayswild

Yesterday Roo announced she wanted to make a map. She’s been doing this a lot lately – drawing random squiggles on a piece of paper and then heading off on some imaginary journey around the house following her maps with a tour group of teddies in tow. Perhaps she had been making maps at nursery …

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30 Days Wild: Day 4 – Field Foraging

Foraging, #30dayswild

It’s Day 4 of the #30DaysWild challenge and it seems someone finally told June that it is supposed to be a summer month. The sun has been out and gloriously warm – a perfect day to go searching for elderflower. The sunshine helps to warm the flowers and bring out their scent, with the …

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Wildlife Wednesday: In the Baby Routes Night Garden

hedgehogs, #30dayswild

Roo used to love ‘In the Night Garden’ on TV when she was a bit younger. It used to give me a breather during the most tiring times whilst pregnant with her sister. These days we barely turn the TV on – I think the last time was sometime last week for ten minutes whilst …

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30 Days Wild Challenge: Day 2 – learning about roots

#30dayswild learning about roots

Happy Day 2 of the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild Challenge. The weather has got in on the act today by being particularly wild itself and whipping up the trees into a frenzy. Luckily, by the time we were ready to head on out things had calmed down a bit. The sun even poked its …

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