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Nature Crafts: How to Make Leaf Print Cards

How to Make Autumn Leaf Print Cards


Being an autumn baby, Roo has recently celebrated her fifth birthday. Now she is learning to write, the ensuing ‘thank you’ cards are becoming more Roo’s responsibility than ours. Luckily at this stage the writing bit it still a novelty not a chore! 

Despite Roo’s new enthusiasm for writing, …

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Days Out: An Autumnal Revisit to Westonbirt Arboretum

Autumn at Westonbirt arboretum

Westonbirt Arboretum has always been a place of seasonal pilgrimage for me since childhood. Although no longer West Country based, we still like to visit when we can particularly at this time of year.

Autumn this year has been wonderful. Last summer petered out into damp, windy days that dissolved the trees’ foliage into a …

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Wildlife Wednesday: 8 Activities for Autumnal Optimism

Horse chestnut buds

Autumn is upon us in all its gleaming conker and whirling leaved glory. Despite the wonders of the season and the promise of winter fun ahead, most of us have the odd little pang about the end of summer as we put away the barbecue. If you’re one of those people prone to winter …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Toadstool Time Again

Wildlife Wednesday: Fungi and toadstools,

It’s happened. September is here and with it autumn seems to have come scurrying along at its heels. Whilst I’m reaching for an extra jumper and wondering how long I can leave it before putting the heating on, outside one of the most richly rewarding seasons is kicking off. We don’t have to go far …

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September Ramblings

The last rose of summer? Baby Routes

What a gorgeous month this September has been! I sent Roo to nursery this morning in a jumper but the middle of the day comes and I’m writing with the back door and study windows wide open in a sleeveless top! You really can’t complain when autumn starts like this.

With a bumper crop of …

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Hedgerow Harvest: Super-quick blackberry upside-down pudding.

Super-fast blackberry upside down cake pudding

Earlier today we went on yet another blackberry foraging walk. This time, we tried a new route and struck blackberry gold. We come home laden with three big pots full of blackberries as big as the end of your thumb. I’m not exaggerating!

It was only after dinner …

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