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Wildlife Wednesday: Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

It’s that time again to find a comfy chair by the garden window or wrap up warm and head to the local park armed with your bird guide, notepad and a flask of hot chocolate. Yes – it’s Big Garden Birdwatch time again! 

Every year the RSPB encourages people across the UK to take …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Dawn Chorus

If your children have become super early risers in the last month of so then there is a silver lining to that sleep-deprived cloud. Along with the natural alarm clock of lighter mornings and sunnier skies also comes a fantastic audio track of nature’s finest conjuring. The dawn chorus is …

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Wildlife Wednesday: National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week

I woke up this morning to a beautiful orange sunrise (definitely of the ‘Shepherd’s warning’ variety) and to the sound of the birds singing. It’s still a bit early in the year for a full-blown dawn chorus but despite the nippy temperatures I’ve definitely noticed an increase in volume of …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Give Winter Wildlife a Helping Hand


It’s here finally – the cold snap. Even though temperatures look set to rise later this week in the South these frosty mornings, flurries of snow and chilly days are a reminder of what the season still has to come.

Outside nature is in chaos. Summer flowering plants such as roses …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Building a bird hide

Building a bird hide in the garden for kids

With the Big Garden Bird Watch 2015 nearly upon us (not signed up yet? Check out this post…) and with Roo eager to give her brand new red Christmas binoculars a thorough test run, it has been all about the birds in this house recently. Last weekend we took it one step further and …

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Wildlife Wednesday: cat grooming and bird nesting!

Cat watching nature programme

So cats and birds may not always be the happiest of combinations. In fact in our house, our cats now get shut in as much as possible for a month or so every year because it seems so unfair for me to encourage wild birds to come to our garden only to have …

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A murmuration of starlings: a great natural British spectacle at Shapwick Heath

A starling sunset spectacular - murmuration of starlings at sunset on the Somerset Levels

The sun is sinking over Natural England ‘s Shapwick Heath reserve on a gloriously sunny and crisp January day, tinging the sky with fiery colours and deflecting them down onto the watery glass of the rhyne* below. A hushed huddle of people, bundled up in their winter warmers, stare skyward, watching the growing …

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