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The Family Camping Troubleshooter: Tips for Nervous Campers

Camping tips

It’s a well known fact. Most kids love camping. 

From chatting to some of my friends who are also parents, I have discovered that the same cannot always be said for their grown-ups! 

Personally I love being under canvas.  I love the proximity to nature, the possibility to get completely off the beaten track, the …

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Holiday Dreaming: Fun UK Camping & Sleepovers

Sky Den, Canopy & Stars, Unusual sleepover and camping locations, family uk

After April’s visions of family friendly cruising, my travel goggles are back on for this month’s Holiday Dreaming. It’s May and as the weather becomes more summery, my thoughts are turning to camping and glamping, so ┬áthis month I’m looking at ideas for fun and fabulous places for camping and sleepovers in the …

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Camping With Young Kids: Our 25 Top Tips So Far…

camping and sleeping bags, baby routes

We are fans of camping in the Baby Routes house. There was a time when my husband and I would head off onto Dartmoor with our tiny two-man tent, cooking gear and provisions balanced on our back for a spot of hiking and wild camping. These days, things have changed a bit. With a three …

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It’s Festival Season: Escape to the Countryside 2015!

Baby Routes walking in a field


In case you hadn’t noticed, festival season just kicked off. As I type thousands of people are stuffing their wellies and flimsiest tents in a bag and leaping excitedly on trains bound for the West Country for the ultimate music festival of them all. Summer has truly begun.

As a teenager I vividly …

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Campsite review: Pondhead Farm, New Forest.

Camping at Pondhead Farm Campsite, Lyndhurst, New Forst

After plumping on the New Forest as a good first foray into family camping, the search began for a suitable campsite. My pre-baby camping preferences have always led me to the quieter, more basic campsite, chosen for scenic surroundings and/ or proximity to good walks. Facilities have never included much more than a …

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Top tips for your family camping trips!

Camping in the woods

Here at Baby Routes we have just bought our first family tent and are raring to get out on our first family camping adventure! Given that until now all our expeditions under canvas have involved a 2-man tent that can fit in a backpack and no children we are in need of …

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Ten top tips for buying a family tent.

Robens Cabin 600

Weekend before last, as well as tackling two National Trails, we also saw the exciting addition to our family of a brand new tent. Until now, my trusty 2-man Vango has accompanied me on every camping adventure, whether in South America or Dartmoor and our relationship goes back longer than that with my …

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