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Christmas Nature Crafts: How to Make a Pine Cone Santa

Christmas Nature Crafts: How to Make a Pine Cone Santa

It’s that time of year again and as soon as the 1st of December was officially here we headed straight for our stash of nature treasures squirrelled away over the year for some Christmas nature crafts inspiration.

Sticks, pine cones, old man’s beard , teasels, sycamore seeds and all manner of other hedgerow offerings can …

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Nature Crafts: How to Make Leaf Print Cards

How to Make Autumn Leaf Print Cards


Being an autumn baby, Roo has recently celebrated her fifth birthday. Now she is learning to write, the ensuing ‘thank you’ cards are becoming more Roo’s responsibility than ours. Luckily at this stage the writing bit it still a novelty not a chore! 

Despite Roo’s new enthusiasm for writing, …

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Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids Part 2: Presents for Mini Globe-Trotters & World Curious Children

Gifts for Mini Globe-Trotters

Whether your child is a full-blown jetsetting mini-traveller or is just curious about the world, this is a list of gift ideas that will hopefully inspire them to learn more and get them planning their next adventure. Got another great idea for a gift to give a mini globe-trotter? Please comment below and help add …

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Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids, Part 1: Presents for Green-Fingered and Nature-Loving Kids

Gardening with kids, Baby Routes

Baby Beth has just turned one. In the run-up to her birthday I had the usual researching frenzy for outdoorsy gifts as well as ideas for generous friends and family asking for present inspiration. We eventually opted for a convertible trike that goes from parent-guided push-along to a fully toddler powered set of wheels. Beth …

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Why I won’t be giving a stick to my outdoorsy daughters this Christmas.

Christmas baby in amongst presents

There is a lot of chat again this time of year about not spoiling children by over-indulging them in presents at Christmas. This particularly applies to the giving of too much plastic-fantastic or battery-flashing smart-tech stuff. The proffered alternative seems to be extreme minimalism with many echoing the Guardian’s idea from last year …

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