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How to Make Flower Pots from Old Wellies.

How to make flower pots from old wellies.

We do a lot of welly walks in our family and seem to get through them in record time. Just last month Beth and I both wore splits into our wellies and Roo’s became so well worn inside that the side was wearing away and giving her blisters. There was nothing for it but …

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Wildlife Wednesday: 8 Activities for Autumnal Optimism

Horse chestnut buds

Autumn is upon us in all its gleaming conker and whirling leaved glory. Despite the wonders of the season and the promise of winter fun ahead, most of us have the odd little pang about the end of summer as we put away the barbecue. If you’re one of those people prone to winter …

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Green Gardening with Ladybirds

Pupating 7 spot ladybird and a ladybird lava, Gardening with ladybirds

It is no secrete that I’m fond of a good garden. I’m not the most green fingered person but I do enjoy gardening. There is something incredibly soothing about the gentle pace of time in the garden, the slow, steady rhythm with which the garden year ticks by. When we moved into our house …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Gardening for Wildlife

Wildlife garden

I love May for many reasons but getting out in the garden is definitely amongst the top three. This is the month that gardening finally becomes entirely a pleasure again, shrugging off the numb fingers and little-rewarded slog of outdoor winter tasks. Being fond of the vitality that rosy cheeks and blast of cold air …

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Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids, Part 1: Presents for Green-Fingered and Nature-Loving Kids

Gardening with kids, Baby Routes

Baby Beth has just turned one. In the run-up to her birthday I had the usual researching frenzy for outdoorsy gifts as well as ideas for generous friends and family asking for present inspiration. We eventually opted for a convertible trike that goes from parent-guided push-along to a fully toddler powered set of wheels. Beth …

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Grubbing about in the garden


In case you missed it, I’ve been out trying to make up for lost time in the garden this month with a flurry of weeding, digging and planting. Roo has been out helping me with her minis tool and wheelbarrow and has managed successfully not to brain the baby ever since I taught …

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