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Lonely Planet Kids Books Review

Lonely Planet Kids Books Review, Amazing Jobs


Whilst my own collection of dog-eared travel guides lounge on my bookshelves, guarding the treasured memoriesĀ of many a memorable adventure, it had never really occurred to me that there might be a similar source of inspiration and travel dreams for children to pour over too. Sure – Roo has an atlas aimed at older …

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Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids, Part 1: Presents for Green-Fingered and Nature-Loving Kids

Gardening with kids, Baby Routes

Baby Beth has just turned one. In the run-up to her birthday I had the usual researching frenzy for outdoorsy gifts as well as ideas for generous friends and family asking for present inspiration. We eventually opted for a convertible trike that goes from parent-guided push-along to a fully toddler powered set of wheels. Beth …

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Why I won’t be giving a stick to my outdoorsy daughters this Christmas.

Christmas baby in amongst presents

There is a lot of chat again this time of year about not spoiling children by over-indulging them in presents at Christmas. This particularly applies to the giving of too much plastic-fantastic or battery-flashing smart-tech stuff. The proffered alternative seems to be extreme minimalism with many echoing the Guardian’s idea from last year …

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