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Wildlife Wednesday: Save our Prickles – it’s Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Hedgehog Awareness Week

This week is Hedgehog Awareness Week and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society is asking all of us to do just one thing positive for our beloved British little prickly friends this week. I don’t need to tell you that we are a bit hedgehog crazy in this house and I’m pleased to have welcomed …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Give Winter Wildlife a Helping Hand


It’s here finally – the cold snap. Even though temperatures look set to rise later this week in the South these frosty mornings, flurries of snow and chilly days are a reminder of what the season still has to come.

Outside nature is in chaos. Summer flowering plants such as roses …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Home Again to the Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs in the garden

Did you know that there are no native wild hedgehogs in America? I didn’t either until reading somewhere about how publishers rarely accept children’s books that include hedgehogs as characters because American children wouldn’t recognise or relate to them, minimising the publisher’s commercial reach. Can you imagine growing up without knowing what a …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Why Hedgehogs Need your Help this Autumn!

hedgehog curled up in a ball

The Baby Routes house has gone a bit bonkers over hedgehogs this year. These curious little creatures are a British countryside favourite and yet when was the last time you saw one? Increasing amounts of roads to cross, reduced vegetation, more fences and boundaries and the use of pesticides and slug pellets have all made …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog rescue, Baby Routes

Huddled up in a jumper watching the wind whip up the garden it is hard to remember that around a month ago we were in the middle of a sweltering heatwave. I distinctly remember the hottest day. I filled up the bird bath and water stations first thing then retreated inside to shut windows, curtains …

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Wildlife Wednesday: In the Baby Routes Night Garden

hedgehogs, #30dayswild

Roo used to love ‘In the Night Garden’ on TV when she was a bit younger. It used to give me a breather during the most tiring times whilst pregnant with her sister. These days we barely turn the TV on – I think the last time was sometime last week for ten minutes whilst …

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A House for Hoggy!

garden hedgehog house building, Baby Routes

As you may have picked up by now, we have been pretty excited here about the fact we have a resident hedgehog in our garden. I’ve always had a soft spot for hedgehogs, probably ever since reading Mrs. Tiggywinkle as a child.

Sadly, I can count on one hand the number …

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