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Green Gardening with Ladybirds

Pupating 7 spot ladybird and a ladybird lava, Gardening with ladybirds

It is no secrete that I’m fond of a good garden. I’m not the most green fingered person but I do enjoy gardening. There is something incredibly soothing about the gentle pace of time in the garden, the slow, steady rhythm with which the garden year ticks by. When we moved into our house …

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Wildlife Wednesday: It’s National Insect Week!

National Insect Week - Harlequin Ladybird

If you love all things creepy, crawly, buzzing and flying then you’ll be pleased to know it’s National Insect Week! If you don’t then now is the perfect time to to learn to at least appreciate, if not love, our wriggly friends.

Celebrating insects and the many hidden benefits they bring …

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