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A murmuration of starlings: a great natural British spectacle at Shapwick Heath

A starling sunset spectacular - murmuration of starlings at sunset on the Somerset Levels

The sun is sinking over Natural England ‘s Shapwick Heath reserve on a gloriously sunny and crisp January day, tinging the sky with fiery colours and deflecting them down onto the watery glass of the rhyne* below. A hushed huddle of people, bundled up in their winter warmers, stare skyward, watching the growing …

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Great White Egrets at Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels.

Shapwick National Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels

Great Scott – it’s a Great White Egret!

Natural England’s Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, near Glastonbury,¬†on the Somerset Levels is abuzz with excitement. For amongst the reeds and rushes of this watery avian paradise in the West Country, Great White Egrets are nesting for the very first time on record in the UK.

Great white …

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