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Bear’s First 1km (or walking with an inbetween, again…)

Just over a week ago Bear walked his first official continuous 1km. I’ve had a feeling he was capable of it for a while but we don’t record our every walk. It’s not really about the distance when you’re walking with kids, is it? 

That Friday was a sunny, if somewhat nippy, January day. Bear …

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Active Parents, Active Kids

BOB Sport Utility Stroller

As I sat behind my computer this morning, munching on a heavily iced biscuit and not quite working up sufficient motivation to start work yet, I came across a BBC online news article – ‘Active mums “have active children“‘. It turns out unsurprisingly yet again that getting out and active is a …

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Great White Egrets at Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels.

Shapwick National Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels

Great Scott – it’s a Great White Egret!

Natural England’s Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, near Glastonbury, on the Somerset Levels is abuzz with excitement. For amongst the reeds and rushes of this watery avian paradise in the West Country, Great White Egrets are nesting for the very first time on record in the UK.

Great white …

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Map reading and countryside access

Map reading in the Lake District

Map reading – a dying art? So several articles I found recently on the web would have it. The advent of SatNav systems and beloved SIRI on our iPhones means we no longer rely on map reading and the art of paper and symbols to understand how to get from A to B and are …

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National Park walks with wheels!


If you are itching to explore some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside but prefer to take a pushchair or are looking for walks more suitable for little legs  – don’t despair! The 15 UK National Park authorities are increasingly aware of the needs of young families looking to venture out and many have published …

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